Anonymous: Guru ji apke charno m mera pranam.with ur blessings im able to achieve success in my maths paper & now i m pursuing b.ed. With an error, I didn’t fill form of a government college and filled for a private one, where the fee is much higher. Why all this happens with me only? I am very tense. Please bless me so that I can top the exam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Whatever happens let it happen. One should never take it in negative way. Now, you are studying B. Ed. in a private school so you should now fully concentrate on your studies to get success. This is your duty. The money has already been expended so it can never be retrieved at this stage, so why do you worry. Now, you can return the huge amount of money to your parents by getting highest percentage in passing B. Ed. Exams.

So, my blessings are always with you but you yourself will’ve to study hard to top the B. Ed. exam.

R: Is there a chant by saying which the left side starts twitching?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, such happening has no relevance, please. You may take medical advice also.

Raakesh: Dear swamiji hariom,as i have taken permission from you in my earlier mail for doing havan daily at home.swamiji i love to do gayatri and shiva it compulsury to do all the rituals,karmakand,sankalp and recitation of vedic mantras as the procedure is followed usually or just by reciting 3 starting mantras as you have given on site we can directly start yagya.please guide me.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you.

I congratulate you for starting Holy Yajyen daily in your home. Hawan mantra book can be sent to you,.the book named ‘Yajyen karma sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja’ (in Hindi) worth Rs. 65/- excluding postal charges. It can be sent to you on receipt of your postal address if you desire. Till that time, you may continue hawan with three Ved mantras. Hawan is only performed by reciting Ved mantras.