Anonymous: Pranam, Guruji. Charan Sparsh. With your blessings my worship is going on. Guruji, as informed I have two young daughters. One of my wish is that my both daughters should learn Vedas and follow its path in their life. During my morning havan they are not able to attend it but during havan in evening they are attending it. They are chanting Ved mantras and doing entire havan with me. I am trying to give them knowledge about 4 Vedas. But I want your guidance as to which knowledge shall I share initially to them so that they can know and understand it and how much time daily. So kindly request to please guide us in this regard. With Charan Sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son.

I feel happy to read about your sadhna. Please go ahead because it is the only path to fulfill the target of human life, in the absence of which, shastras declare us as animals. Yes, the daughters are infact called ‘Devi’. Devi means who has Vedic divine knowledge. So, your views for your loving daughters are appreciated. My blessings are also to your daughters for a long, happy life. you may give them Vedic books which are already with you to study daily, even 1-2 pages are enough everyday. Their participation in evening hawan along with you, is sufficient at this juncture. After sometime, they would themselves realise to do morning hawan also.

You may know also preach them to do some asan and initial prannayam daily. This will also be helpful to increase their memories, concentration in all pious matters especially in their studies.

Again My blessings to you, your wife and daughters.

L R K: Namaste Swamiji During my swadhayas I always come across the terms man, buddhi,chit and anthakaran. Sometimes I find it confusing and it hiders my understanding. Can you please explain the difference(s) between them in detail and how they are related to ekaagrataha of the man. Dhanyavaad Guruji Namaste
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste ji. There are two karnnas of our body-

Bahya karanna (outer) and antahahkarann (inner). Bahyakaranna consists of five senses (gyan indriyan), five karma indriyan.
Antahakarann consists of mann, buddhi, chitta and ahankar.

Gyan indriyan i.e., eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin collect the outer matter of the world and send it to mann. Mann send the same to buddhi and buddhi sends it to atma i.e., soul. Then soul gives order to buddhi, buddhi to mann, mann to the concerned indriyan.
For example- I suddenly see a snake. Immediately the matter goes to mann. Mann through buddhi sends information to atma. Atma orders either to run away from the place or to kill the snake with a stick or stone etc., which is available. The order through mann reaches to leg and the man runs away. If order is to kill, then it reaches the hands etc., to kill the snake.

When eternal true Vedic sadhna/worship is known through a learned acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy, then the outer vritti is stopped and mann achieves concentration. When the thinking will only be of inner self during meditation then the aspirant realises God in his heart. Until the concentration is not achieved in sadhna and the soul continues to take in outer matters and reciprocate inner matters with outside world, nobody is able to get peace but is indulged in illusion/worldly affairs only. I would advise you to read my books- Patanjal Yog Darshan, in Hindi worth Rs.131/-, excluding postal charges wherein, I have clarified several matters.

Anonymous: Namaste Swamiji I would like to purchase your book “Shrimadbhagwad Geeta”. Please let me know the cost and how I can send money to you. I am from New Zealand.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. The book has been sent to you.