K Guruprasad: Swine flu disease is growing at fast pace here in Bangalore, especially among the kids and children. A lot of people are suffering from cold and flu as well. We are doing Havan regularly at least 3 times a day and We are very sure that with your blessings and Ishwar kripa such dangerous disease would not come near us. I wanted to bring this to your kind attention to have your blessings to every one, on this problem.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Yes, regular worship of God by performing hawan daily three times is a protective cover to you all. My blessings are always with you all. Now, add the following materials in daily hawan- Gud (jaggery), jau, Baniksha , small raisins (kishmish), gyol, kale til and almonds. The material with Ved mantras will increase your protection a lot. Tell everyone who is in your contact to save themselves from Swine flu, they should perform daily hawan even with Gayatri mantra chanted at least 21 times. Continue the medicine of those infected and the above quoted materials will give relief from cough shortly. If gyol herb is available there then try to make two and half glasses of boil water of gyol herb ( 40gm). Take it after cooling it and all of you must take it daily empty stomach in the morning for about three months i.e., boil the gyol herb in three one by four glasses of water and when
about two and a half glass of water remains then cool it and take it after sieving it through a boiled cloth.

P: Sir Charan Sparsh, One great news that I am doing havan for last 16-18 Months and my family has joined me in it. I need to come to meet you as well as my parents are too interested to
meet you and take your blessings. I would like to stay with you and would like to learn/know about
Vedas and ashtang yoga will take how much time to be perfect.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, my son, it is really a great and happy news because the hawan starts building fortune along with long, happy life which you , your parents , brothers and those who perform hawan/Yajyen would only enjoy it. However, really it is a result of blessings of Almighty God and your pious desires towards your parents. I wish you all, a happy life. You all are always welcome here. With the blessings of Almighty God, boarding and lodging are always free here for everybody. You should spend here time with me to learn Vedas and Yoga Philosophy for 8-15 days for the first time, if it suits you.

Aneel Kumar: As killing of any animal is a sin, why do Muslims call the slaughtering of cows a good deed?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I would only like to state that Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God at the beginning of every non-sexual creation. Vedas contain the preach/orders of Almighty God which are to be obeyed. In Vedas, God has preached that slaughter/killing of any kind of animal/birds is not permitted. In this connection, I have also written a book-“Protect The Holy Cow-Say Vedas” in English and I would advise you to study the book.
Now, it is upto human-beings whether they obey the orders of Vedas or not. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 clearly states that human-beings are free to do pious deeds and sins but the result thereof would be awarded by Almighty God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.