Ajay Kumar: What was the day when Avtar of Shri Ram happened?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sri Ramji was born before one crore, eighty one lakh, forty nine thousand and about eighty years. In sunder kand of Valmiki Ramayan, written by Valmiki ji, in shlokas 11, 12 it is mentioned that there were elephants each having four white teeth. Such elephants were available from two and a half crore to fifteen lakh years ago in Africa.

K P: Please guide me. I want to become an actor. I am 36 years old. Is it the right line for me?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji. If you will take training from any art institution, would do very hard-work then you may get success because in this line also, the hardest practice, full devotion is required.

Dave: Dear respected swamiji pranam. I hope you are well. I recently discovered that things like astrology,tarot and other superstitions are false according to vedas. they must be false if vedas have said so since it is gods word. however I just wanted to ask you that is numerology(idea that the name of an individual affects his/her life and personality) is that true or false according to vedas? thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. According to Vedas, if a person gains good qualities in his life including good education, then only he makes his future bright. Merely names would do nothing. Yet if somebody has his Vedic name according to Vedas i.e., by performing name ceremony in childhood then pronunciation and listening of his name would sure give him punnya (good/auspicious result) this being Vedic name. Otherwise, you see that there are several people whose names are kaudimal, but are wealthy.

Similarly, several mothers and daughters have their names as Shantidevi but are quarrelsome.