Aman: Body ko harm (kasht ) de ka bagwan ko kush karna sahi hai kya? Kya such ha iska? Log upwas rakhta ha bagwan ka nam ka….yeh sab sahi ha kya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Nahi Ishwar ne aisa koi vidhaan nahi banaya jismein body dwara jeev ko kasht diya hai.

Apnee aaj suvidha ke liye log upwaas rakh sakte hain lekin Ishwar ne upwaas kee agya vedon mein nahi dee hai.

Dwivendra: Q1) 6) Sir if vedic dharma is from creation of universe, then why there is no hindu or sanatani in America , Europe etc etc . We should be in majority?
7) Sir pandit mahendra pal arya says Hindu is given by invaders which means chor or jaahil , with proof he has given ,whats your opinion about the word Hindu?
8) Which is correct, Arya dharma, vedic dharma , Sanatan dharma, Hindu dharma or anything else ? Thank you swamiji. We love you from bottom of our heart. Namaste.
Swami Ram Swarup: 6) Study of Mahabharat granth and Valmiki Ramayan reveals that right from the beginning of this earth knowledge of vedas was in vogue in the entire earth. There was not even a single house where daily agnihotra with ved mantras was not performed.
The above granths are lengthy, so you and every Indian must read to know our eternal culture i.e., Vedas. I paste my article in this regard as under-

Why Vedas’ knowledge gets demolished?

This is a direct blessing of Almighty God on you that you are believer of eternal knowledge of Vedas, which emanates directly from Almighty God, in the beginning of every creation.
No doubt, Vedas knowledge exists at a very low level in India. Every happening has its reason behind. Naturally, minimization of Vedas also has its reason behind. For example when sun rises then automatically darkness is over. When darkness exists then light is over. Sometimes in daylight also when huge black clouds cover the sun, the atmosphere of earth starts becoming dark. I mean to say, the reason of existing low level of Vedas’ knowledge is due to darkness i.e., illusion all over the world even. Because, after mahabharat war, the ladies, children and old persons left behind were indulged in shock due to killing of almost all warriors from both sides in Mahabharat war. For this reason, they did not make contact with learned Rishi-munis and acharyas to perform Yajyen and to listen Vedas’ knowledge. As a result, the next generation becomes unknown about the knowledge of Vedas and hence black clouds on Vedas’ knowledge. Now, the arrogant made their own path against the Vedas which still exists. Most of the saints are totally against spreading the knowledge of Vedas because they know their falsehood i.e., illusion i.e., darkness will get over and they would not able to spend luxurious life, as soon as the sun of Vedas’ knowledge rises. Now, it has become a duty of lover of Vedas to spread the Vedic knowledge to overcome the illusion. Otherwise in comparison to truth i.e., Vedas, the falsehood i.e., illusion is much more.

In the beginning of the earth, present sects did not exist i.e., Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, Parsis, Jains did not exit. At that time, all human-beings on the earth were called Arya or Anarya. Arya were those who were learned of vedas, had control over their senses and used to perform daily agnihotra with ved mantras and used to study Vedas daily and used to do practice of Ashtang Yog while discharging all their family duties. Anarya were those who were devil and did not follow vedic path.

7.) Actually, the meaning of Hindu is kaafir and this name has been given to us, the detail of which is pasted below-

About Hindus

The word Hindu was used for all the citizens who lived in India across Sindhu River. This word was used for the first time by Greeks and Unanis. Thereafter Arabians and Farsis used this word. So in reality Hindu means all the citizens, whether Sikh, Muslim, Christian or others, of India. Just like in America all type of citizens live there but are called citizens of USA i.e.,Americans.

Nowadays it is called that Vedas, shastras, Geeta, Ramayana and some other holy books of Sanskrit languages are related to Hindus. Vedas are the ancient holy knowledge of the world given direct from God always, at the time of creation. I have written a lot about this and would request you to please read

However, shunya (zero) is created but God is not made by anybody else instead Almighty God creates universe. Shunya is also space, which is also created by God. So God is above space, beyond calculation, beyond imagination and beyond description. Yet God has unlimited qualities for
example, Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, He has no shape, no nervous system, nobody can make hole in Him, He is Almighty and does not require any assistance from anybody else. He is eternal, self sufficient, cannot be seen with eyes, beyond mind. He creates universe, nurses and destroys and again nurses and again creates. Just a small portion of His power creates universe and His great quality is also this that the whole universe which is seen by us is nothing because the Almighty God is greater than this creation. He gives birth according to our deeds (karmas) He is witness of all karmas being omnipresent and omniscient, etc., etc., that is the God has unlimited qualities and powers.

Sindhu, Indu and then Hindu

Mahabhart or Bhagwad Geeta was written by Vyas Muni about 5,084 years back. And Valmiki Ramayana is written about 9 crore years back. In these authentic holy books sect or caste-system has not been mentioned. We all human-beings were called Aryans upto 5,000 years ago and thereafter too. The Indian philosophy got a golden cradle to thrive and flourish in Takshila and Nalanda University where the students from all parts of the world used to come to study Vedas and other subjects. Those all were called Aryans at that time. First time Greeks and Unanis used the word Indu for Sindhu ocean and also for the public who lived on the banks of Sindhu. Thereafter Arabians started saying word Hindi for the Aryans who lived across Sindhu river. So, whosoever was living across the Sindhu, whether Muslim, Christian etc., was called Indu and then Hindu. So word was used for all those who lived across the Sindhu. Hence, there was no word except Aryans before 5,000 years and thereafter also it is clear that word Hindu is being used only for the last 2-3 thousand years. Within these years only Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikh religion came into existence and those who were studying Vedas, Shastras, Upnishads, Brahmin Granth, Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayana have been categorized as Hindus instead of Aryans. Whole of the world knows about the fact of origin of these religions. So whole of the world can not be considered Hindu now at this belated stage. The study of all religions conclude that no religion preaches hatred, war or quarrelling etc. Every religion speaks about love, living together, worship of one Almighty God, live and let live and to promote brotherhood internationally. The whole mankind thus should try to remove the ravages of hatred at all levels.

8.) Arya dharma is to follow Vedas, vedic dharma is followed by Arya, (now Hindus)Sanaatan dharma means vedic dharma because meaning of sanaatan is eternal and everlasting. Hindu dharma has been created as quoted above, who mostly do idol worship etc.

Aksh: Namah Shivaay. Swamiji mera question ye hai ki Bhagwaan or devta me kya difference hai. Kya devtaao ke paas free will hai karm ka fall dene ka ya ni. Or agar ni hai to hmlog Shani Dev or anya devtao ki puja kyu karte hai. Or agr unke pass Vardaan dene ki shakti hai to unme or bhagwaan me kya antar hai. Hm je jantey hai ki devta ki bi ekk bhog yoni hai … unko khud ko shakti bhagwaan se milti hai …. swarg me akkramadh hone pe unko khud ko problem hoti thi to insano ki kaise sahayta karte hai. Karm ka fall bhagwaan(brahman ) dete hai ki devta . Mera question sunne ke liye àpka DHANYAVAAD.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namsteji. Vedon mein Bhagwan ke kai naam hain, jaise Ishwar, Parmatma, Bhoo, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Om etc. vedon mein Ishwar kee definition yeh hai ki weh srishti rachayita, paalan karta aur sanhar karta hai, weh sarvavyapak aur sabko jaanane wala hai etc., uske anant gunn hain. Vedon mein hee devta usko kehte hain jo maunshya Charon vedon ko jaanta hai, Ishwar ko jaanta hai, nitya yogabhyaas, yajyen, vedaadhyayan karta hai, jinkee indriyan sanyum mein hain. Baaki devi-devta jo maante hain, weh idol worship mein aata hai aur vedon mein idol worship karne ka vidhaan nahin hai.

Karma phal to kewal Ishwar hee deta hai. Jaise maine kaha shani devta aur anya devta, nakshatra aadi jad hai aur vedon mein inkee Pooja karne kee manayee hai kyunki yeh to hamare laabh ke liye Ishwar ne banaye hain jaise Surya, Chandrama aadi sabhi nakshatra hamein laabh dete hain, Jeevan dete hain aur yeh sab vyavastha Ishwar kee banayee hai. Han! Jiskee ichcha ho to weh jis marzi kee Pooja kare parantu ved marg mein kewal ek nirakaar Ishwar kee Pooja kee jaatee hai aur mata-pita, guruon kee sewa kee jaatee hai, yajyen kiya jaataa hai, ityadi. Jub hum vedic sanskriti ka adhyayna karte hain to hamein gyaat hota hai ki shani aadi jad devta vardaan kabhi bhi nahi de sakte.

Jad devta kee koi bhog yoni nahi hotee aur na unhein Bhagwan se Shakti miltee hai. Bhog yoni to kewal Jeevatma (soul) kee hotee hai aur usey karmaanusaar manushya, pashu-pakshi athwa keet-patang aadi ka shareer karma bhogne ke liye milta hai. Upar swarg-narak koi nahi hota. Hamein vedon ka Adhyayan karna chahiye, tabhi hum gyanvaan banegey. Swarg-narak isee prithvi par hai. Hum yadi ved marg par chalte hain, indriyan hamaree vash mein hain, hamare ghar mein nitya havan hotey hain, ved ke gyata vidwano ka aana-jaana rehta hai, bachon ko achchee shiksha dee jaatee hai, etc., tub hamara ghar swarg hai anyatha narak hai. Jaisa maine upar kaha – Yajurved mantra 7/48 mein updesh hai ki Jeevatma apne shareer se achcha-bura karma karta hai aur Parmatma kramshaha uska phal sukh ya dukh ke roop mein deta hai.