Truth Seeker: Swami ji namaste, Satyarth Prakash me ye to likha hai ki Vidvanon ka sang karo. lekin Pratyupkar kaise karen. Udaaharanaarth Maine aapse bahut sare prashn puchen hain. uske badle me main aapko kya dun?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Vedon mein pratyupkkar ke liye tann, mann, dhan aur yahaan tak prann kee sewa bhi karne ko kaha hai kyunki ved kehte hain ki vidwaan kee sewa, raksha prann dekar bhi karo. Bhaav yeh hai ki yadi vidwaan ki ankh mich jaayegi to usee din se prithivi par ved ka gyan/prachaar aur ved gyan kee ganga behnaa band ho jaayegee. Yeh to hue pratyupkar parantu doosree baat yeh bhi hai ki vidwaan kee ichchha par nirbhar hai ki yadi koi vidwaan kee sewa karta hai to weh vidwaan uskee kis sewa ko sweekar karta hai. Yeh to common baat hui. Ab personal baat yeh hai ki main aapse aapke mann kee hee sewa chhahta hoon, dhan itiyadi kee sewa bilkul nahin chahta . isliye aap mujhe mann se chaho, ved kee vidya ka mann se adar karo aur mann se mere liye achchhey swasthya kee kamana karo. Yahi sewa hai. Meri kitabein pado, meri C.D suno, gyaanvaan bano vidya ko aagey phailane ka prayaas karo yahi meri sewa hogee.

Mera tumhein phir baar baar ashirwad.

Sachin: Namastey. If a person do all his deeds and works on earth only then what is the importance of billions of planets stars in the human life. And is their any other place like planet earth where humans live? Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. In the absence of billion of planets stars – sun, moon etc., life will not exist on earth then question of doing deeds does not arise.


Yes, present science has shown water on moon. Naturally the life would be there. But I would like to say that this is according to Vedas. Vedas, tell that there exists life on all planets. You see, on earth also life exists but in different parts, the physical features of human beings change according to difference in atmosphere. Similarly, life on moon is there on basis of its atmosphere. So, if man would be able to make colony of human beings on moon then it would be first seen that whether atmosphere on moon suits to live or get generation there etc. so, it depends on further research and experimentation of scientists.

Basant: If break up pain is not Vairagya then why it is mentioned in Satyarth Prakash that Bhartrihari ne vairagyavan hokar raj pat tyag diya? I read about Bhartrihari that he felt pain by his wife. that made him vairagyavan. Gautam buddha was also indulged in sensuality in his Mahal. I want to know what made these two people to leave home and according to Vedas were they Vairagyavan , especially Par vairagyavan?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt, Bhartrihari left the Kingdom, when he got shock from his wife, he then immediately met with Yogi Gorakhnath ji and Jalandhar nathji etc. He took diksha and started practice of yog philosophy. Uptil he did not get vairagya but only shock because it is said that he was sleeping in the jungle, making some bricks as pillow and some yogi criticized him that he (Bhartrihari) has left the Kingdom but not the effect of pleasure of taking pillow etc. Once, a person took paan (beetle leaf) and his sputum was shining while making contact with early sun rays. From a distance it seemed like a piece of shining gold. Bhartrihari was crossing by and thought it to be a piece of gold and immediately picked it up. When all his fingers smeared in sputum, then he felt shy and his internal voice told him-
Mahal Tajey, Badey Tajey
Tajee sahastron naar,
asha, trishnaa na tajee
Hey maan! Tujhee dhikkar.

Idea is that Bhartrihari Maharaj has been telling himself that he was a King and left entire kingdom and wives etc., but still he has not left his desires. So, actually after doing Ashtang yog practice under the guidance of his guru he became able to control his senses and desires and after all became a famous yogi.

In such cases (Gautam Budha and Bhartihari etc.) the effect of previous lives pious deeds and worship also effect to gain vairagya.