Anonymous: Main Jab IITJEE ki coaching kar raha tha tab Mere hriday me brahm ka praakatya tha. Main Us samay Niraabhimani tha. aaj main schizophrenic hun.
Swami Ram Swarup: Asha hai aap rozana sadhna karte honge.

K Guruprasad: Dandwat Pranams at your Lotus feet Maharajji. With your blessings, I had the opportunity to do VED prachar on 12th and 13th July on Hindu Spiritual Fair. Just have some questions in that regard for clarification.
1. Can you please mention in which book, there is mention of Agasth Rishi? Any approx idea on when he lived on earth, like is it during Ramayana time or after that etc.,? and did he write any book? If yes, can you name that book name and its content?
2. In one of our books, there is a mention of Nalanda / Takshashila university when burnt was burning for 6 months. One person was asking, if it burnt for 6 months, then that means there were no rains for 6 months in that area, which is not acceptable. He asked for a reference book where in this is mentioned. Ofcourse, i understand that this point is not very important, but if possible, can you mention any reference book where this fact is mentioned? I told him the main motto to understand is that our Pious rishi granths have been burnt on this and we dont have access to that knowledge today.
3. Some of the people are interested to start daily homa atleast with Gayatri Mantra as mentioned in Part 1, VDL book, but they are asking that where in Vedas, it has been mentioned that a person who is not a Brahmin can do homa? I referred, Samved mantra 14 (Dosha vaasta dive dive) and Yajurved 1 (Shrestathamaaya Karmanna) which is applicable to all humans, however, can you give some more references of mantra based on which I can contact them and inform.
Always at your lotus feet, Your son Guruprasad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my son. I appreciate and bless you my son to spread vedic knowledge amongst the public which is you know, is a service towards God and Guru Maharajji.

(1) Agastya Muni, as far as my knowledge is concerned, has not written any book. He was alive in treta yug during the period of Sri Ram. Sri Ram when was exiled for 14 years met Agastya Muniji.

(2) The meaning of burning of vedic culture for 6 months is this that Aurangzeb time to time used to attack the building where pious Rishi-granths were kept and use to get them on fire. Naturally when the holy granths are burning in building, question of rain does not arise and it is a common knowledge that no such books, even present educational books are kept openly, without building.

(3) Yajurved matra 26/2 permits to listen and follow vedas for all human-beings including women.

Rashmi: Pujya Guru ji mahaaraj, pranaam n charan sparsh, On the occassion of Guru poornima we all in family humbly bow t your feet and salute you. Guru ji maharaj Has Geeta commentries of remaining chapters from 14 – -18 are ovr. I have three parts 1, 2, 3 . If possible could you send the last part?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you all, my daughter. My daughter, your family is lucky and making your future bright by following eternal path. My blessings have always with you. Yes, fourth and final part of Bhagwad Geeta has been printed, please send your postal address to send you the same.

Please shower my blessings to loving Yajyam for his well being and happy life whatever you are saying does not apply to Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj but applies to formless, Almighty, Omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.