Ajay: When do come a jivatma in a pind of mother garbh. I want to know that how many month and day a jivatma enter in a pind of mother exactly or approximately? Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: When husband and wife meet the same very day soul enter the womb of mother and then it is said that mother is pregnant. Then soul should remain in the womb of mother for more than nine months and in the tenth month delivery takes place. But it depends on the health and good and bad views of the mother that how long the soul remain in her.

I mean to say if the mother is not healthy and has not spiritual views etc., then the delivery can take place early also.

Mrs. Bhatnagar: What is the meaning and description is sphere and scope of the word Aham Brahm Asmi?
Swami Ram Swarup: Aham = I
Braham = God
Asmi = am
Full meaning is “I am God”
Which is not possible. Because soul can never be God.

Based on qualities for example – God creates universe but soul is not able to create even a straw of the world. God is Omnipresent but not soul. God does not take birth, but soul takes. God never experiences sorrows etc., but soul does etc. If a person based on the present Vedanta theory says that the soul is God, that will be falsehood being against philosophy of Vedas. On the other hand “Upnishads” states that a ‘Yogi when attains Dharam Megh Samadhi then he forgets himself and at that time he realizes God only. So this is stage for some time which can be considered that the Yogi has become equivalent to God but not God.