J P Singh: Parampujya guruji Maharaj ko sadar sashtang pranam. I have reached at my destination happily and could not write to you due to some commitments. Please excuse me. I am doing yajna both times and God name jap regularly. I want to come to you learn astang yog shiksha so that I can practice of that also.
Swami Ram Swarup:My blessings to you, my son. I appreciate that you do havan, both times. You are always welcome here to learn Ashtang Yoga.

A.J.: Pranaam Swami ji. My question: Is anger good or bad? How can one learn to control his/her short temper? Please tell me the method to control anger and short temper.
Swami Ram Swarup: All four Vedas and shastras and based on its knowledge, all ancient and present Rishi-munis have been declaring since the beginning of the creation that anger is our enemy and destroys us by all means. Learned also state that if you become angry. It means anger is your worst enemy, then you need not to seek enemy because without your wish, you will be connected with several enemies. So, everyone must control anger. First of all, a person should take a firm decision not to become angry, considering its fatal results. Secondly, one should pray daily to God, while performing daily hawan, at least with Gayatrimantra. In the end of hawan, one should pray to God to give knowledge and power to overcome anger. As stated in Vedas, senses are controlled by doing daily yajyen/hawan and doing practice of Yoga Philosophy. So, one should learn Yoga Philosophy and do its daily practice to control the senses. One must serve the parents and learned persons.