J: Namastey Guruji Maharaj, Charan Sparsh. I have a question, Maharaj. Can a yogi who has achieved the state of Dharmamegh Samadhi be ill treated/killed by a any normal person as he is free to do what he desires to do and increase his paps until the yogi wishes to give up his body. My question is that if at all we reach a stage in this creation the bodies of all learnt persons are delibrately removed by these asurs, can the creation sustain till the end of balance 7 Manavantars.

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. Actually, such yogi has all blessings of Almighty God including protection. But, it is also a truth that till the yogi leaves his body, he can face bodily problems but not internal sufferings related to soul. For example- Somebody can tease him as Sri Ram was teased by Meghnath (son of Ravanna) by binding him in Nagpash weapon but the action of Meghnath could not harm Sri Ram. Secondly, Sri Krishna Maharaj was struck by a fatal arrow of a hunter under the effect of which Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj had to meet with death yet Sri Krishna Maharaj was not puzzled but happily told the hunter that he himself at his own discretion, was leaving the body, then several times Sri Krishna Maharaj was also ill-treated by kauravas. For example- Shishupal used to abuse him and tried to make him prisoner by throwing net over him but Sri Krishna Maharaj escaped.

First of all, it is quite impossible that all yogis are killed by devils/any asur. However, if all yogis would themselves leave their bodies at a time (which is still not possible) then also the universe will sustain itself till the time of final destruction. And the universe will be full of unlearned people i.e., devils. So, one thing is clear that yogi is a soul and not human body. So, he always remains in divine pleasure.

Again, my blessings to you.

Lubhesh: Name of horizontal line running along the tops of the letters that links them together in Hindi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Every Hindi alphabet has its own horizontal line above. So, when a word is formed from alphabets then the line is connected to each alphabet. Then, you can name it as a line to join two alphabets.

Prakash: Respected Swamiji Namaskar, I request, avoiding any ambiguous reply, please enlighten me:-
(I) Is there anything like ATMAN in humanbeingsand other living creatures?
(II) If Yes, Then please advise me as to where does ATMAN dwell or seated or reside/live?
(III) Upnishads and Geeta say that ATMAN’S seat is in the Heart of a person,. Is it correct? My respectfull Namaskar again.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
1. Yes, atma i.e., soul resides in every living being. That is why, the body of all living-beings acts. The body of every living being is non-alive matter whereas soul is alive matter. Soul is immortal whereas body is destructible.

2. In this connection, I paste my article below-

While awake, soul resides in left eye, while in stage of experiencing dreams, it is in throat and while taking sound sleep, it is in heart.

3. There are two meanings of atma in Hindi or in Sanskrit language. First is soul who takes birth and experiences pleasure and sorrows through body. Second meaning is Almighty God who never takes birth and does not experience any sorrow etc. So, atma (soul) resides in left eye, throat and heart while being awake, while dreaming and while being in sound sleep respectively.

As regards Almighty God He is omnipresent but manifests Himself in the heart of Yogi.