Prahlad: Namaste guruji market me jo egg miltehai woh veg haiya non-veg? Kya hum unhe kha sakte hai? Eggs ke box par 100% vegeterian likha hota hai. Kya yeh sach hai? Dhanyawaad for answer of my all queries.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. According to nature’s law, all the eggs are non-vegetarian.

I paste one of my answers——

Is egg vegetarian?

No, please. Because egg grows when soul enters in it so without life, growth and eggs remaining fresh is not possible.

One should leave eggs also because at any cost it is also non-vegetarian food. Vedas are knowledge which emanates direct from God and God in Vedas prohibits alcohol and non-vegetarian food. Please leave the alcohol also immediately to get long, happy life.

The poison even taken once in life is enough to meet with problems/death and so is the case of alcohol and non-veg.

Sid: Guru jike charnoon main mera shat shatpranam.
Guruji could you please put some light on what is “indriyonka daman” Aisa khete hain ke indriyoon ka daman nahi karna chaiye.
1. Guru jiindriyoonkadamanaur un par control kya same hua. And in all your books God says that one should strive hard to control senses. Then kya senses ka daman karna galat hai?
2. Guruji with your blessings I daily try to control my senses along with mokhikhavan and naamjap. Gurujitring to gain self control andtring never to let senses to overpower me is not indriy daman. Please emlighten me of difference b/w controling senses and indriydaman.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Indriyon ke daman ka arth hai indriyon ko ved virudh kaam, krodh aadi aur anek prakar ke vishyon kee taraf na jane dena, us samay indriyon ko burai kee taraf jane se rokna. I appreciate your effort in controlling your senses.

May God give you long life.

Ravi:A cat clashed with my car and died. Is it sin?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is an unknowing and unwillful act though according to vedas it is a crime and God punishes. However, God in such cases preaches in vedas that those who follow vedic path and perform daily hawan/yajyen, they only are excused.