Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, Swamiji I have read that director of Manhattan project to create first nuclear bomb(and was successful in doing so) believed that nuclear weapons were used in Mahabharata,the iron pillar in Delhi is proof of our metallurgy , but I am not able to understand that how all this knowledge suddenly disappeared from earth. Swamiji, also tell whether in ancient times cars, computers, mobile phones existed , please explain in detail that if this knowledge and technology existed then how suddenly it disappeared, I have read the article on disappearance of Vedic knowledge in your book “brahmacharya dukh nivarak Mani” but I am still not able to get how technology can disappear. Also I don’t know the link from which to pay the money for the book “Brahmacharya dukh nivarak Mani”.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Best atomic energy made weapon were available in Mahabharat kaal but those were never used to destroy the living-beings. Because that energy was in safe hands. At that time, everyone was follower of vedic spiritual path, which gives the benefit and the long, happy life and brotherhood to the living beings and not problems, tensions, corruption, dishonor of women, war, violence, blind faith, laziness etc. I paste my article as under-

After Mahabharata period, the sun of the Vedas eternal knowledge began to set down. For-example, in the absence of the sun in the sky naturally the earth will be covered by the darkness. Similarly, in the absence of spreading the knowledge of the four Vedas, illusion began to cover the earth.

So new worship, new path began to be started by the human beings at their own. In this connection, a beautiful chaupayee has also been stated by Tulsidas jee as follows:

Meaning: Tulsi states that there is an eternal worship based on Vedas, which gives us ascetism and factual knowledge. But the people are not following the path of Vedas due to attachment (attachment with materialistic articles, pomp and show and family etc.) And the people make their own new several paths of worship.


Meaning: In Kalyug, mostly the people have become against the Vedas. They do not adopt the eternal path of Vedas wherein the knowledge of four varnnas (real brahmin, kshatriye etc.,) eternal religion i.e., duties, ashrams i.e., (brahmcharya, grihastha, vanprastha and sanyas) has been mentioned.

So within two or three thousand years the man made worship wherein several devi-devtas are being worshipped, has been spread, please.

In Vedas, it is clearly mentioned that God is within human body, as is mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/5— “TADANTARASYA SARVASYA”, i.e.., God is within all human beings. Rig-Veda mantra 1/164/20 also states:

“DWA SUPARNNA SAKHAYE SAYUJA SAMANAM VRIKSHE”, i.e., human body is like a tree in which two birds i.e., God and souls reside together. So the God, by following the Vedic path i.e., by doing Vedic study, havan, name-jaap and ashtang yoga practice is realized within human body of a Yogi. But man-made worship states about outer worship of God in the shape of statue etc., and His darshan (look) i experienced etc., at the spot.

So it is up to the present human beings, which worship suits them.

Detailed answer is not possible due to shortage of time etc., but you see culture is destroyed then the technology and the whole nation is destroyed automatically. So, when after Mahabharat war, knowledge of Vedas (world culture) was destroyed then all technology was also destroyed.

Anupam: गुरुजी सादर प्रणाम।गुरुजी श्री कृष्ण योगेश्वर थे।उन्होंने वेदो का अध्ययन करके उन्हें आचरण में उतारा था।थे वो मानव।जब वह युद्ध स्थल पर अर्जुन को समझाते है तो उन्हें जड़ चेतन का ज्ञान देते है।पर ये उन्होंने किस संदर्भ में कहा है कि वेदो मे मैं सामवेद हूँ।वह वेदो का ज्ञान दे रहे है पर स्वयं सामवेद कैसे।प्लीज मार्गदर्शन करे।
Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings beti. Han! Sri KrishnamMaharaj vedon ke gyata, smadhistha purush, Yogeshwar they. Vedon mein main Samved hoon ityadi, Gudh (deep) prashan hai. yeh to badey-2 padey likhey bhi iska answer nahi de paate aur galat –galat failaatey hain. Isliye is prashan ka uttar main yahaan nahin de sakta. Aap, jo maine Bhagwad Geeta kee vyakhya kee hai, usmein padein. Aapka doubt clear ho jayega.

Anupam: गुरुजी सादर प्रणाम।गुरूजी गीता मे मैंने पढ़ा कि वेदज्ञ अतिथि की सेवा की जाए।आजकल ऐसे अतिथि की तो कल्पना मुश्किल है।तो क्या जो भी अतिथि आये उसकी सेवा की जाए।गुरुजी आजकल तो अतिथि भी स्वार्थ वाले ज्यादा है क्या किया जाए।
Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings beti. Ved kee agya maano, kewal vedajyen arthat ved ke gyata vidwan kee hee sewa kee jatee hai.