Anonymous: Paranam guruji, guruji firstly on the eve of guru purnima I just pray to Almighty that for upcomming hundreds of purnimas you and your blessings are there with us.
Guru ji, yesterday I saw 2 kids begging on the road side, now some say that we should not give any money to the beggars, but what if their parents were handicap or somthing.please guide so that I can do the needy?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Your views are heart-touching and highly appreciated, may God fulfill your pious desires. Shastras state that one should be benevolent/kind towards helpless, poor, needy, pitiable. But, nowadays, it has become very difficult to know the real needy (deen) person since begging has become a profession nowadays. The gang kidnaps the children and puts them into begging for the ulterior motives of the gang. So, we must not give money to beggar but may help actual needy/pitiable person.

Puneet: Swami ji how come bishma pitahma defeated parshuram ji maharaj in fierce combat over amba issue as parshuram ji was himself incarnaion of lord vishnu and learned warfare skills form lord mahadev himself
Swami Ram Swarup: In my knowledge, Bheeshma Pitamah never fought against Parshuramji. We must know that original/true shlokas of Mahabharat written by Vyas Muniji and his disciple Gemini Rishi are only ten thousand in number whereas nowadays, self-made shlokas have been added making the counting of Mahabharat as one lakh twenty thousand. So, if self-made shlokas speak about war/fight against Parshuram and Bheeshma, then the incident is unauthentic.

Amar: Namaskar Swamiji. I have doubt, I read that Gayatri Mantra is not used with Om.
(a) Is it dangerous to use Om in the start, as nowhere Om has been used? (b) is it dangerous to use “bhu bhuvah swah” at the beginning? © Anywhere other in Vedas the complete mantra has it been used or not? (d) One person says that “tat savitur……prachodayat” is already complete why to distort the mantra using Om? I am very confused. It is requested to Kindly clear my doubt.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar ji. Panini muni in his ashtadhyayi has clarified and several other holy granths written by Rishi-Munis clarify that “Om” is recited in the beginning of every Ved mantra. So, there must not be any doubt in reciting of holy name of God- Om in the beginning of each Ved mantra in Havan/Yajyen.

a.) No question of being dangerous, please.

b.) When there is a rule to recite the holy name of God-Om, first then we must obey the rules, please otherwise there is no danger.

c.) As clarified above.

d.) Om is to be recited at any cost at the beginning of each Ved mantra, please. Yajurveda mantra 40/15 states – “Om Krito Smar” i.e., Oh! man do the jaap of Om. Om is a complete name of Almighty God whereas other names have one, two or some qualities. For example- “Santaha is name of God which means the creator. When we will study the meaning of Om, we will find that it has got countless qualities of God. then why should we not recite Om in the beginning of each ved mantra. Why do we accept the views of man which state not to recite Om before Ved mantras.

Why do not we accept pious views of Rishis who have been preaching us from the beginning of the earth and also beyond it stating to recite Om before each Ved mantra?