VidyaSagar: Acharya Guruji, Pranam.I was reading the part 5 of vedic question and answers. 2nd chapter mentioned that gambling is a sin. I accept it. but I want to know the true defination of gambling to avoid confusion (games of chance?). If you give a generic example of gambling is also fine. Because When i thought of gambling characteristics, I feel 90% of the routine works that most of the people do will connected to the gambling. Can you please enlighten on this subject more….
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Gambling is a play/deed in which finance with regards to betting is involved. In this case, the gambler does not do any hard work involving honesty. But mere sitting comfortably and involving the public to play game. This also involves cheating, etc.

So, no doubt, in our daily life, mostly the people oversight honesty and hard-working but by cleverness, cheating and misguiding, manipulate to earn. So, these things are being played almost everywhere. For example- In business, by hoarding the essential commodities, in several clubs by playing cards and involving oneself in immoral activities, blackmailing, drawing money from bank through fraud, misuse of power, to divert from promises, to misappropriate other’s money, to gamble keeping property at stake.

Deepak: Swamiji charan sparsh swamiji jis havan kund me hum havan kartey hai kyaa use roz panee se dhona chahiye , jese mene dekha ki gaytri shakti peeth se jo pandit ji havan karne ghar par aaye they to unhone havan kund ko khalee karke usme hee havan karvaya ..
thnaks swamiji
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Roz dhone ki avashyakta nahin hai balki havan kund ko kisi achchi pavitra saaf jagah par rakhna avashyak hai.