M: Respected Guruji, I have too many vices within me like lot of anger, Guilt, fear etc.
I have started performing havan one time in the evening as per procedure mentioned by you. I will start doing it in them morning also. I pray to god to get me freedom from all vices at the end of havan. I also pray to seek forgiveness for some major sins.

My questions are:

1. Is it right to perform havan with such motivation of getting freedom from vices and sins? I do not see any transformation within myself.

2. How does havan help in removing/overcoming vices? I want to improve on those vices but I am finding it very difficult to do. I am not peaceful.

3. Does it effect the ordinary person if he happens to have a sight of an enlightened person and how?

4. What should be the qualities of a good student of a spiritual guru? Should a female student trust and surrender totally to male spiritual guru without fear?
Thank you
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You see, it is a pious deed and worship of God to perform daily havan with ved mantras. You should also read some Vedic literature which will give you immense knowledge to control your anger, guilt, fear etc. I will also advise you to go to local Arya Samaj mandir on Sundays to listen to Vedas there. It is very necessary for everybody as mentioned in Vedas. In Arya Samaj mandir, you will also meet with learned acharya and learn ved mantras to do havan. Meanwhile, I advise you to read the following books which are based on Vedic knowledge. You may select one or two or more books, to study. All this will help you to destroy your illusion and get rid of your vices. I am away and can’t give you the Vedic teachings and yog asans, meditation etc., that is why, I have advised you to make contact with local Arya samaj mandir.

1.) Yes, it is quite right to perform havan with prayer to God. This is a fundamental Vedic law that an aspirant must discharge his duties faithfully, should do hard work, must worship God both times as quoted above and result must be left in the hands of Almighty God. He sure helps those who help themselves.

2.) Havan is a pious deed and worship of God and when anybody worships God then surely God destroys his sins. Therefore, he destroys the sins.

3.) Yes, when an ordinary person makes contact with an enlightened person (learned acharya) then ordinary person gets knowledge and his life is changed because illusion is destroyed.

4.) First, he should maintain the Brahmacharya, must listen, talk and remember truth always. He must be a faithful and honest with mind, deeds and voice, servant of his acharya. He must be hard worker and not lazy. If the male guru is a learned of four Vedas, has attained Samadhi by doing hard practice of Ashtang Yog mentioned in Vedas, has full control on his senses and perceptions, does not favour anybody and observes the role of spiritual father then pious surrender may be done otherwise not i.e., one must beware of false prophets who are against Vedas and spread illusion in the public.