Vaidevi: Namaste Swamiji….. I am a learner of your book Vedas. I have been learning 5 parts of your books. That was really amazing and helpful for the younger generations who are not aware of Vedas. I have a question while i gone through your book.:
As you said in one part that Arjuna was holding back to shot his cousins, thus he is not following the dharma. if going against the relationship is Dharma, if they were a sinners, then what about the policy followed by Lord Rama? i mean, he didnt go against his relations(kunthi and some other in who did harm in some or other way)) who did harm for him? please give explanation……… i am confused
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. I’m thankful to you for appreciating my literature and really I also appreciate you and bless you that you’ve been going through the literature. Because, you know until an aspirant studies the holy books, he’ll not gain the knowledge etc. So, I again appreciate your efforts, please. To go against the relationship or any human-being is not dharma/duty. However, to go against the religion or any person is a dharma if the relative or any person is an obstacle to follow the dharma. So, as per Vedas, to go against such culprits/enemies is a duty of the warrior to maintain dharma and peace amongst public. Sri Ram was also a follower of Vedas, so in case of his any relative who could stand against the dharma, he would have followed the same path as Arjuna did. But, you see, the said case never arose before Sri Ram. Kunti was the mother of Pandavas and Kaushlaya was the mother of Sri Ram. The dispute of Mata Kekai was with King Dashrath and not Sri Ram. Dashrath had granted Kekai two wishes. Sri Ram fulfilled the wishes of his father by leaving Kingship and going for exile for fourteen years.
You are welcome, please.

Ankit: Thanks guruji
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

Kumar: Swamiji, Charan Saparsh again & again. Your words appear to be like God’s words to me. From your words, I can understand the value of roots/mools. Though I thought probably due to my astrological star ego that I can influence everyone but no one can influence me in my heart and as such I can only be Karta not follower. Some satra’s indications also suggest it (Laksmiji curse & only Jain Kshtriya mool nakshtra people can just be like that & like Mannu. Is it possible that one can be learn without guru? Can a guru become by himself not by getting education. But after understanding your “Steek” words, I am getting changed. i shall visit you & learn from you & shall contribute to encourage,anytime. Now my my question, How can be worship formless, almighty & prime GOD? Don’t we need some medium(eg ideal)to do that? How can we be benefitted from GOD?

Whether Ramayna/Mahabharat was leela/illusion of GOD with a pupose to show good and bad results of odds? If so, do these suggest that whatever shown in these, we should not follow instead of to follow those OR in other words to learn a warning from these instead a teaching from these?
Best Regards. May GOD Bless you & me.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you. I thank you for your compliment. It is Vedic fundamental law that until knowledge is given by someone, to other, the other man can never get the knowledge. So, knowledge is first given and then it is gained. You see, nowadays also, the people who still live in dense jungles, they follow the life of ignorant they are not civilized because they’ve not yet made contact with education, because, nobody has given them. So, without a learned spiritual guru, nobody can gain knowledge. So, no guru can be a guru without gaining knowledge from his guru.

You are always welcome, please. To worship Formless God, there is no need of an idol because again God is Formless and His statue cannot be even imagined. Now, you see if we concentrate on His idol then our thoughts will be limited i.e., will vary on each part of the idol. Sometimes on forehead, thereafter eyes, nose, mouth, chest, clothes, feet, ornaments etc. but, God is not confined to a limited idol. Yajurveda mantra 31/ 4 state that God is not present only in limited universe but He is within universe and beyond universe also. So, when we concentrate within two eyebrows and start thinking deeply on the Vedic qualities of God as is taught by a learned guru then our mind either will be still within two eyebrows (Agyachakra) or will travel in Brahmand where in every atom the God resides. So the mind will travel within God and not within limited idol and one day the mind will automatically become stable within two eyebrows. Secondly, everybody knows the soul but nobody has seen the soul. They know the soul by knowing about the divine qualities of the soul that soul is alive matter is the purest, learned and resides in the living being’s bodies. So, when a child takes birth, the learned says that a soul has come in the world. So, the said qualities of the soul, make the people capable of knowing about the soul whereas soul remains unseen. When, an aspirant meditates and thinks deeply about the divine qualities of Almighty God, he one day knows about the God and by doing Vedic worship. He one day realizes God. The said is the eternal process of Vedas to realize Almighty God.

As regards benefit from Formless God, the said doubt is baseless, please. Because, the Formless God creates, nurses and destroys the universe without taking birth etc. He is giving the result of our good and bad deeds in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. The water pours through rain from sky, the crops are ripened, the cycle of birth and death is continuing, the sun, moon and earth and other planets are stable in the space without support. The newly born of baby of human-being takes automatically his feed from his mother and his feed is already prepared by God before the birth of the child. The knowledge of four Vedas for benefit of human-beings is given by God in the beginning of the creation etc. I mean to say, that all the said deeds are occurring well with the grace of Almighty God without turning God into Idol. If we follow the Vedic path, we can destroy all our sorrows and bless us with long, happy life.

Ramayan and Mahabharat epics have been written by great Rishis Valmikiji and Vyasji. Shastras tell that Rishis never tell lies but normal human beings always tell lies. So, the above quoted both the epics are hundred percent true, please.

So, we should follow our eternal, Vedic culture mentioned in the said epics. However, I would like to mention here that the true shloka of Mahabharat are only 10,000 whereas nowadays it has about one lakh, twenty thousand shlokas i.e., one lakh ten thousand shlokas are false which have been added later. Similarly, several shloka have also been added in Valmiki Ramayan.

My blessings to you.