Ashish: Guru ji pranam..apse ye jan na chahta hu ki kya hum gayatri matra ka jaap kisi bhi samay like kaam pe ,driving karte samy ya jab bhi time mile kar sakte hai ya nahi ?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Pehle to aap guru mantra ka jaap arth sahit aasan par baith kar subah sham karein. Doosra driving chhod kar, aap jab marzi Gayatri mantra ka jaap karein.

Anupam: Swami ji namaskar, please give me correct translation and explanation (punsavana sukata) Atharaveda 6.11.1-3.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar. Nowadays I am busy to arrange annual Yajyen for sixty four days commencing from 3rd may, 2015. So, I am sorry that it is not possible for me to get time to translate the requisite mantras.

However, explanation of Atharvaveda mantra 6/11/3 is as under-

This mantra relates to women. (PRAJAPATIHI) Protector of public (ANUMATIHI) who is follower of the thought of husband. (SEENIVALI) who has the plenty of food grains and the best use there of (ACHEEKLRIPT) capable/powerful.

Idea is that the woman who has the said quality, Prajapati, Anumati and Seenivali becomes self-sufficient, capable, powerful to carry out moral duties and to give birth to the intelligent babies.

(STRAISHUYAM) the said woman for giving birth to baby and (ANYATR) keeping the baby at different places, (U) i.e., (Ukar word of hindi devnagari) definitely (IHA) here i.e., in this world (PUMANSAM DADHAT) gives birth to brave male baby.

Meaning/Idea of the mantra- It has been eternal tendency in the world to obtain brave male babies for the protection of the nation. Yajurveda mantra 22/22 too states to get male member also in the shape of Brahmin who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy to educate the nation well, Kshatriya to protect the nation well and the vaishya/Mahajan to have control and well distribution on every needful item of the household i.e., their business must suits the nation. Similarly in the mantra, it is stated that brave women must be there to help their husbands. The said Yajurveda mantra states that PURANDHIHI YOSHA i.e., the learned women must also take birth in the nation who are capable to hold several public i.e., to nurse several public well in the nation. The society must be learned to think deeply on the above quoted Atharvaveda mantra also that who gives birth to brave sons. Definitely a woman having qualities quoted in the mantra gives birth and then only nation is protected well. So we should never have any bad thought against girl/woman. Otherwise it would be a great sin and God punishes.