Dave: Dear swamiji, I am a great fan of yours. And I just wanted to ask you that when ishwar reveals Vedas to four rishis on this planet then what about the other planets where there is human life? do they also get the same Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Thank you, please.

Almighty God has created three lokas i.e., Prithivi Lok (the earth), Antariksh Lok (space) and Dyulok (celestial bodies emitting light).

As regards, knowledge of Vedas, Yajurveda mantra 4/1 states- “Prithiviya Idam Dev Yajnam” i.e., souls have taken human body on the earth to perform Yajyen to spend their lives while following Vedic path and doing Yajyen etc. so, it is the earth where the knowledge of four Vedas emanates from God. However, when Rishi-munis or learned recite Ved mantras and perform Yajyen , their pious voice of ved mantras reaches to all three lokas and the “Som” (smoke of Yajyen) produced while performing Yajyen gives pleasure to the lives which reside in space and dyulok as well, says Samveda.

Arvind: Namaste swami- If suicide is wrong then why did lord Rama commit suicide by drowning himself in the river Sarayu? Or if this version of Ramayana is incorrect can you please explain how lord Rama died.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Yes, please. The view mentioned in any book that Sri Ram committed suicide in sarayu are hundred percent false. The true story regarding King Dashrath’s kingdom and that of Sri Ram’s life has been stated by Maharishi Valmikiji in his Valmiki Ramayan where no such words of suicide have been mentioned. Secondly, how a learned of Vedas and Yogeshwar Sri Ram can commit suicide which is totally against the Vedas. In the end, i.e., at about the age of eighty one years, Sri Ram left the kingdom permanently for jungle giving the kingdom to his sons. Thereafter, he never returned to Ayodhya.

Avikash: Jai…Can I know how long was Satyug, Tretayug and Kalyug please?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Manusmriti gives the proof in its chapter one that present time of the earth is 7th Manvantar. Uptil now 6 manvantar have passed. Those are Swayambhuva, Swarochish, Auttami, Tamas, Raivat and Chaakshush, now it is 7th manvantar, called Vaivasvat.

71 chaturyugi = 1 manvantar.

There are four yug – Satyug, Treta, Dwapur and Kaliyug.

Satyug = 17 lakhs 28 thousands years

Treta = 12 lakhs 96 thousands years

Dwapur = 8 lakhs 64 thousands years

Kaliyug = 4 lakhs 32 thousands years

The total of four Yugas comes to be 43 lakhs and 20 thousands years which is equal to one Chaturyugi. 71 Chaturyugi i.e., 30 crore 67 lakhs and 20 thousands years equal to one Manvantar and 6 Manvantar have yet passed whose calculation comes to one Arab 84 crore 30 lakhs and 20 thousands years. This is 7th Manvantar and 28 Chaturyugi and the present Kaliyug has passed its time of 5002 years. So, uptil now the age of the earth and Vedas is one Arab 96 crore 8 lakhs 53 thousands one hundred and eleven years. Bhagwad Geeta shlok 8/17 also says about this fact.

14 Manvantar= 1 Kalp.