Rakesh: Swamiji, apsara sadhna means menka rambha kanchanmala etc. their worship, mantra, rites etc. how can please them?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no sadhna in eternal Vedic culture to please any apsara. Worship is only performed to please Almighty, Formless, omnipresent God Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is only our Lord.

P M: Swamiji namaskar, thank you very much for replying my questions.
Q1) There is a story of Shambok vadh in Valmiki Ramayan. kindly explain it.
Q2) I have heard in Valmiki Ramayan Rama had friendship with many women before marriage as kings have?
Q3) Is there any neurology in Vedas?
Q4) How can Yudishthir be called as good man when he put Draupdi on the game of dice?
Q5) Can a yaksh become a python?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are most welcome, please.
(i) There is no story of Shambok Vadh in Valmiki Ramayan. Sri Ramji was a learned of Vedas, King who imparted justice, how can he kill any person baselessly. I mean to say that story is totally false and has been made by arrogant to destroy our culture.
(ii) Your second question is also totally false, please. Such kind of stories are only spread to destroy our eternal, true culture.
(iii) Yes, please. In Atharvaveda, entire medical science exists.
(iv) This is also a question to destroy our eternal culture because no body tried to see unlimited pious, moral and religious qualities of Yudhishthir but Yudhishthir was made the target of gambling.

How funny this is. You see, no learned person can do such mistake. That is why, Yudhishthir did not want to gamble. But he was forcefully made to play because Duryodhan sought his father’s order (royal order) to ask Yudhishthir to play the game. That was the time when Vedic culture was in vogue and therefore the order of king Dhritrashtra could not be disobeyed by Yudhishthir but Yudhishthir declared at that time that sure the war will be fought.

At that time, Vidurji also told Dhritrashtra , on the occasion of gambling, that Oh Dhritrashtra! Your son Duryodhan, lives with you, as a jackal. But you do not understand the truth.

Vidur added that- seller of honey when sees beehive on a high tree then he does not think that he can fall down while capturing the honey. So, either he gets the honey or he falls down from the tree.
Similarly, Duryodhan is not foreseeing the great danger on him in the future because his enmity with the Pandavas would bring everyone’s downfall. Duryodhan is only after gambling.
He told that Duryodhan is like a crow whereas Pandavas are peacocks. Why don’t you abandon/leave the jackal i.e., Duryodhan and accept Pandavas who are like lions?

Now I tell you, when Yudhishthir was defeated and lost his brothers and himself also then Shakuni asked Yudhishthir to put Draupadi on dice which in the circumstances, was done by Yudhishthir and lost Draupadi also. But Yudhishthir knew that he was not entitled to put Draupadi on dice because he himself was lost in game. The said fact was also told by Vidur who was Prime Minister of Dhritrashtra. Vidur told that Oh Duryodhan! The Yudhishthir has already lost himself and therefore he has no right to put his wife on dice. So, Draupadi has not been lost.

At that time, Vikarnna, a learned warrior also told that Shakuni told Yudhishthir to put Draupadi on dice so Draupadi is not lost in the game.

The story ends with the blessings of King Dhritrashtra to Draupadi, by releasing the Pandavas from slavery.

And the blessings was given by Dhritrashtra under pressure and fear when Bheem took a vow to break of thigh of Duryodhan. And everybody was telling in the court that Pandavas are so powerful that they could win over the Kauravas- It means Yudhishthir knew that he did not loose Draupadi because he lost himself first. Secondly, Kauravas were not capable of harming Draupadi and Pandavas. So, defeat of Draupadi in the game was mere drama played by Yudhishthir in anger when Yudhishthir was forcefully asked to play the game.

(v) This a symbolic story otherwise Yaksha can never become a python, this being unnatural.