Mahesh: Can we give the name of Manvantar to my son? Please suggest.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, you may please. However, it would be much better if you give the name to your son from Ved mantras.

Virkant: Pranam guruji, guruji mai ye janana chahta hu ki bhagwan kya hai? ved kahte hai ki bhagwan nirakar hai or geeta ji, shiv puran, shreemad bhagwat katha mai likha hua hai ki wo sakar hai…toh mai kis par yakin karu vedo par ya geeta par. plz mera marg darshan kare mai bahot confuse hu. mere or nirakar ki puja kaise ki jaati hai ye bhi bataye. par agar ham nirakar ki puja karenge toh feelings nahi aa payegi. mai kya karu plz bataye.
Swami Ramswarup: Saari duniya ko rachne wala Ishwar hee hai. Duniya ka koi ek bhi padarth manushya nahi bana sakta jaise aam ka patta koi banana chahey toh nahin banaa sakta kewal artificial (jhoota) patta, mitti aadi ka banaya jaa sakta hai vaisa patta nahi jaisa bhagwan nein banaya. Bhagwan nirakar hai sakaar nahin ho sakta tabhi toh ved-shastra aur vedon mein kahaa yogabhyas (Ashtang yog vidya) na jannein wale sabhi yeh kah deity hain ki Ishwar aankh se dikhaaee nahi deita. Is vishey mein main apna article neechey paste karta hoon.

Are Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh Gods?

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are not God. Vedas tell that there is only one formless God who never takes birth. He creates, nurses and destroys the universe. His power is enough to create and control the whole universe. He is Almighty i.e., He has all unlimited powers and therefore He does not need any assistance to create, nurse and destroy the universe by Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. If God needs assistance then He will not be called Almighty. So God does not need any support but we all humans as well as all living beings need His support and blessings every time. However, in Vedas, there are innumerable names of Almighty God according to His divine qualities. So Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc., are also the names of the formless Almighty God. Brahma means the greatest. Vishnu means omnipresent and Mahesh means the greatest.

It is the personal matter of worship or not to worship. So atheists are also there. But it is very clear that God in Vedas as clarified that He Has blessed the human being with human body to worship and realise God. Nobody can attain happy life in the absence of worship of God. One more thing is clear from Vedas in which God states –Oh man/woman you live on the earth given by God and all comforts provided by the God. And if you do not remember/worship God then it is sin and punishment is awarded by the God.

Very few persons know that present science has also come out from Vedas, especially Rigveda. The knowledge of Vedas also emanates from God. So, it is clear that scientist also enjoy science which is given by God. God is not only the matter of blind faith. It is the matter of discussion with a learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy who from Vedas, shastras and Upnishads etc., and scientifically also prove the existence of God. For example- we see the creation and can think deeply that who has created it or is it a job of man/woman, scientist etc., then automatically after long discussion we would reach on the conclusion that men/women/scientist have not created the universe and then He who has created is called Almighty God.

Vishnu is also a name of formless, Almighty God based on quality. Quality is a sunder- “Vishnu” word is made from “Vishlari” Dhatu and the sense of Vishlari” is omnipresent. So he who has the quality of being Omnipresent at all times without a second’s break, He is Vishnu and no other Vishnu exists equivalent to this God. Similarly, Brahma= “Vri Vridhau” i.e., the biggest amongst the universe. Naturally, He is Almighty God. So, the name of Almighty God is also Brahma. Similarly, according to Yajurveda mantra 16/41 shiv means he who is beneficial/causes welfare, is shiv. The most beneficial, who creates and nurses the universe is Almighty God. So, Shiv is also name of Almighty God.

Geeta mein bhi Ishwar ko Nirakar hee kaha hai. Parantu jab koi Ved-Vidya jannein wala nahin hota toh weh Ishwar ko Geeta mein sakaar keh deita hai. Niraakar Bhagwan kee pooja Ved-Vidya ko jannein wale Guru ke paas jaakar seekhnee chahiye.
Niraakar Parmeshwar kee pooja havan, yajyen, uske naam-Om ka jaap rozana karne se aur Ashtang Yog Vidya ko seekhkar aur uska abhyas kisee Ved ke jannein wale Guru kee dekh-rekh mein kiya jata hai. Aap ya toh mere paas aayein athwa local Vidwan Guru ke paas jaakar Seekhein. Shri Ram aur Shri Krishna Maharaj nein bhi Vedon se Gyan leiker Niraakar Parmeshwar kee vedon ke anusaar pooja kee thee.

N S: I am expecting. What should I do? Will I get a baby boy?
Swami Ramswarup: I advise you to please start doing daily agnihotra with Gayatri mantra, then simultaneously immediately try to contact any learned acharya of nearby local Arya Samaj mandir to learn and to do daily Havan with ved mantras. In the end of Havan, pray to God to bless you with male baby. Though Garbhadaan sanskar is required to be performed before pregnancy which time has since lapsed, so please try to listen Vedas and continue agnihotra and pray as quoted above. May God bless you with male boy.

Ved Mandir