Vishalsinh: Give some thoughts and some information about Shastra sanrakshanam evam sanskrit bhasha vikas that is”Conservation of sanskrit literature and evolution of Sanskritlanguage. Please can you give me some details about this above written topic.
Swami Ram Swarup: Received your postal address. I paste my article below-

“Sanskrit language is invaluable treasure of India”

The language which is adorned/ornamented and is the purest is called Sanskrit
language. All the scholars/learneds like Vyas Muniji, Valmikiji, Kapil Muni,
Agastya Rishi etc., used it as the language for communication. Ancient Rishi-Munis have written several spiritual books in Sanskrit, so the Sanskrit language is also called “Dev Bhasha” and “Dev Vanni” (language of learned/scholars). This language is most invaluable, incomparable and excellent treasure of India. Those who are learned of Vedas know that the divine Sanskrit language, containing the eternal knowledge of Vedas, emanates directly from Almighty God in the beginning of each creation. When Almighty God begins creation, that creation is called non-sexual creation because no living being takes birth from parents. Why? Because the creation begins after completion of the period of final destruction of previous universe. So, at that time no parent exists. I mean to say, human-beings of non-sexual creation are completely ignorant as no learned acharya etc., exists at that point of time to give them knowledge.

So, for the first time, the said invaluable, divine language emanates from the Almighty God, giving the knowledge of four Vedas on the earth. Rishis of non-sexual creation acquire the same and spread it amongst others. In this way, when several Rishis became learned of Vedas and the said divine language i.e., Sanskrit, they further wrote several spiritual granths in Sanskrit.

In view of the above facts, we will reach at the truth that all the ancient, divine, treasure of the knowledge of India is still kept protected/conserved in this language.
I would like to add here that if our present generation would not take interest in learning divine language Sanskrit, the said culture shall be of no use and tradition of becoming learned and spreading Vedas’ knowledge throughout the country will go in vain.

Based on the knowledge of divine Sanskrit and its culture i.e., Vedas-Shastras etc., our loving country India, used to be called as “Vishwaguru”. We will have to think deeply that a country is always destroyed when its culture is destroyed.

So, we the children of our motherland will have to maintain and spread the knowledge of divine Sanskrit and its culture to prove that Yes! We are really the worthy children of our loving country.

A few people of our country have a misunderstanding that Sanskrit language relates only to Sanskrit granths and it is used to teach and learn only. That is why, nowadays, Hindi language is being used mostly in daily life. Here, we must know that in the ancient times, uptil Mahabharat war i.e., five thousand three hundred years ago, only the use of Sanskrit language in daily life was in vogue, since no other language existed at that time. Very few know that base of originating several languages like Hindi etc., is only “Sanskrit language”. So, all the worldly languages are respectable for us however, in addition we will have to learn Sanskrit to know several worldly and spiritual matters to gain progress and maintain peace all over the world as was in ancient times.

If our government will not work hard to educate the generations in Sanskrit language, then surely our eternal Vedic and Shastreeya culture will be ruined and western culture, as is being imposed, will spread. As a result, nation shall perish away at its own accord.

Tina: Namaste. Thank you so much Swamiji for the response. It is very detailed I will read it and try to follow it as you have advised. Tina
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, my daughter.

Deepak Tiwari: Pranam swami gee aapka uttar ati uttam hai. Main aapse ek or prashan puchna chahta hoon ki kya vedon mein yeh sab jo aaj kal ghatit ho raha hai matlab jo bhi jaise main aapse yeh prashan jo puch raha hoon kya pehle se likha hai yadi haan to manav jeevan milne ka mool karan kya hai kya hamain Bhagwan par hi sab kuch chodkar baith jana chahiye?

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Dhanyawad. Han! Vedon mein pehle hee, yeh sab kuchh keh diya gaya hai, jo aaj ghatit ho raha hai. Vedon mein prashan nahin likha hue aur na hee koi katha, beetee ghatna ya kisi ka naam likha hai. Ved ka arth hai gyan. Isliye Vedon mein vigyan, karma ka gyan aur upasana ka gyan hai. Aaj jo prashan uthtey hain, ved mantron se ussee prakaar ka gyan leikar vidwan answer dey deita hai.

Jaise koi aaj prashan karta hai ki Ishwar nirakar hai ya sakaar. Toh Yajurveda mantra 40/8 mein kaha- “AKAYAM AVRANNAM” etc. Akayanm ka arth hai, Ishwar kee kayaa nahin hotee. Avrannam ka arth hai, Ishwar mein chhidra nahin kiya ja sakta. Ved mein kaha- “NA TASYA PRATIMA ASTI”, jiska arth hai ki Ishwar itna annu se bhi chhota hai ki usko map nahin saktey aur itna badaa hai ki teenon lokon se bhi bahar hai aur usko map (measure) nahin saktey. Inhee mantron se bhaav nikalta hai ki Ishwar nirakaar hai aur uskee murti nahin hotee. Isliye ved mein yeh prashan nahin hai ki Ishwar sakaar hai ya nirakaar hai, Ved mein Ishwar ke prati gyan diya gaya hai. Janam aur mrityu ek svabhavik prakriti chakra hai. manushya shareer mein jeevatma ke janam leine ka mukhya uddeshya hai kisi vidwan ke asharey mein rehkar vedaadhyayan, yajyen, yogabhyas karke dukhon ka naash karna, yeh adhyatmik-vaad hai. Is adhyatmik vaad ke saath-saath hee bhautikwaad mein bhi unnati karna arthat padna, likhna aur achhee prakar settle hona ityadi. Is prakar jeev ek din Ishwar darshan karke janam mrityu ka chakkar khatam karke moksh pa leita hai.