Jayakumar: Guruji pranam.Can you please tell me how to do havan as I only know the gayatri mantra and I am keen to know the other mantras.i also want to do yoga but I am not able to get up early and i dont know many asans of yoga.My mother and father are a follower of you but my timings don’t match with my parents. I am a student also studying in 7 class.Can you please guide me?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my son. I am happy to read your views about performing daily havan. My dear son this is a real worship of God and God is pleased when an aspirant chants ved mantras and offers aahuti in burning fire of havan kund. God has given us human body and the main motto of human body is to listen vedas to do daily havan and to do practice of yoga philosophy, this is called spiritual vedic path. In addition the aspirant must get progress in worldly pious deeds like education, business, agriculture, science etc. You see God has also provided us with all worldly materialistic articles like sun, moon, earth, water, air, food etc., to live upon. Now if we in return do not thank Him by doing the above cited worship then the God is annoyed and punishes us. So we must not be a thankless person by avoiding daily worship of God. As regards the process of doing havan your parents are followers and are performing havan daily. You should only try your level best to make them sit to perform the havan. You see Yajurved mantra 2/23 straightway alarming us that those who leaves my daily havan then I (God) also leave them forever to face the sorrows.

Secondly, Yajurved states that only those persons are able to do the havan/ Yajyen etc., who have inspiration and are able to do hard work i.e., laziness is not appreciated by God. I hope you, my dear son have the said divine qualities and leaving behind the laziness would start sitting with parents to perform daily havan. In this way you would be able to achieve the blessings of Almighty God and Guruji as well.

Dear son when you will come to me with your parents then you will be automatically learn ved mantras and asans.

I hope you will start performing daily havan with your parents.