Jai: Is Arya Dravida theory true?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meaning of Arya is given below:-

The meaning of the word Arya is he who follows the eternal path of Vedas. Manusmriti states-

“Arya Ishwar Putraha” i.e., arya is the son of God. It does not mean that others are not sons of God. But Arya is nearest to God. Again, I tell you, please, that there are two words- Arya and Anarya. Arya are those who follow the eternal path of Vedas, do daily havan, name jaap of God, practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy, meditation etc., listen to Vedas and thus exercises full control on their five senses, perceptions and mind. They always tell truth. They are hard-workers etc. So Arya have several divine qualities of Vedas within them whereas anarayas are antagonistic to aryas.

Jai: What is the 5th veda?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no 5th ved. This is also clarified in all Vedas like Yajurved mantra 31/7.

Manish: My cat has died. Will I be able to identify it in the next birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Cat ke marne aur uske bichhadne par aapko dukh hai kyunki aap ussey pyar karte the. Uske bare mein jaante the. Aaj pareshani yeh hai ki insaan us Ishwar ke bare mein nahin jaanta jo uska palan-poshann kar raha hai aur isliye Ishwar ke bichhadne ka usko koi dukh bhi nahin hai. Par harek koi dukhi zaroor hai. Woh yeh nahin jaanta ki weh Ishwar se bichhad kar dukhi hai. Ha!n aapki cat apne karmon ke anusar agli yoni mein Ishwar kee Vyavastha mein janam le legi.