N: Marital problems with husband. Is it due to Kundli mismatch? I am getting bad dreams.

N: Marital problems with husband. Is it due to Kundli mismatch? I am getting bad dreams.
Swami Ram Swarup: There remains a reason behind always for facing any problem etc. I think in your case also there may be a reason of doubt, dignity etc. Ladies have been told like a earth in Vedas. Earth experiences every trouble given by human-beings to her and yet the land gives food, vegetation, water etc., i.e., every vital matter and happiness to live upon. So, I would advise you to please shower your love on your husband to solve the problem. It is not a difficult task for a lady. You will have to bear some bitter words and behaviour of your husband and in return you will have to shower your love on him. Kundli has no bearance/role in human-life, being unauthentic. Unauthentic means that in Vedas it does not exist. As regards dreams, Atharvaveda kand 16 clarifies that mostly the dreams are false. The mantras in the kand 16 state that to see more and more dreams, is not good for human-beings.

Dreams are the result of our own thoughts either of previous lives or of the present ones. So, one should never be afraid of dreams. To kill the dreams, one should daily chant Gayatri mantra.
So, one should try to do havan even with Gayatri mantra, daily both times to kill the effect of dreams and to stop seeing dreams. Pitra dosh matter is also not mentioned in Vedas. So, one should never worry about it. It is one’s own previous lives’ deeds, the result of which is faced in present life.

Marriage is a relation which requires love in the heart of each other and the relation is to be established till death. So, one should offer everything to unite the family.

S: What can help a person who is facing a chronic disease? He is not willing to peform havan.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. It is sad that your husband is not ready to perform havan which is very beneficial for him. To do havan is an order direct from God. Mritunjaye jaap or other methods will do nothing because the problem is of your husband. Hate generates hate. So, please try to destroy the ravages of hatred and shower your love on your husband. First it will not be easy for you but your persistent struggle will sure enable you to get success. My blessings are also with you.

D: What is Khechri mudra?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. When an aspirant sits on Siddhasan touching the tongue to palate it becomes Khechchdi mudra and one must sit on this mudra to do name jaap of Almighty God. The disciples must chant guru mantra daily both times. Guru mantra means the name of Almighty God i.e., disciple chant the name of Almighty God by the procedure told by a guru. The said procedure of sitting on Khechchdi mudra can be adopted by anyone. However, the procedure of chanting the name of God must be understood from a guru/acharya.