C: I am trying to maintain celibacy but what happens after doing with strong determination but I am not having good people around in my hostel. The food in the hostel is also containing onion and garlic. Please guide me.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, I agree that environments are not good and you and your friends are habitual to see the T.V. but one thing is clear that one has to follow the path independently, say Vedas. Therefore you will have to take command over your mind (intellect) to avoid T.V. etc., and it is not impossible. You’ll have to leave the company of your friends immediately. My blessings are with you, to get success. Therefore celibacy must never be broken i.e., in all circumstances, you’ll have to follow the path of celibacy. Vedas state that there is no excuse. You already know that to go against Vedas is a sin. Vedas state that God has given you senses, perceptions and mind to order them to do only pious deeds otherwise we’ll have to consider the rules of Almighty God to award the punishment of the sins. Rigveda states that senses, perceptions etc., are meant to obey the orders of Almighty God framed in the Vedas therefore any sense/organ if works against the Vedas, it means one is indulged in illusion and is against the Vedas. One will have to be brave and learned. Onion and garlic used in the hotel can be taken because it is vegetarian food. T.V. and internet can be seen to watch only education/informative, good serials. The book on Brahmcharya has since been sent to you.

Toshu: What is the real meaning of attaining moksha? How can we really attain it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Suppose a prisoner is kept in any jail and after completing the requisite period, he is released from jail then he feels free and experiences happiness. Similarly we all are provided with human bodies to face the result of our previous lives’ deeds –good or bad in the shape of happiness and sorrows, etc.

This circle is unfinished if we do not take the shelter of Almighty God i.e., the eternal, spiritual path.

Suppose , a person takes the shelter and makes contact with a learned acharya where he listens Vedas, learns Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and practice thereof , does daily Yajyen , name jaap then one day he destroys his all previous lives’ deeds and gets freedom . Now, he has nothing to face. This is the stage of salvation when a Yogi realises God in Dharammegh Samadhi and realises divine pleasure.

The said stage is called Salvation. Actually, human body is meant to attain salvation but due to indulgement in illusion, mostly people fail and get next birth of animals, birds, insects etc., and experience deep sorrows, etc.

A S: Will I get married to the person whom my parents are seeing? When will I get a job?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you , my daughter. Agar aap ke papa ko woh ladka pasand hai tab weh ladke ke parents se milkar rishta pakka karne ki koshish karein . weh zaroor kamyaab ho jayenge. Asal mein kush zindagi ka katna apne gunno par nirbhar kara hai. Agar aap thoda sa bhi dhyan deingey, gunnvaan honge , gunno ko seekh kar grihasth ke karma kareinge aur isi prakar aap ke hone wale pati bhi agar gunnvan honge aur kartavya ka palan karenge tab ghar mein swarg hi hoga aur Bhagwan sahayata karega . naukari ke liye aap poori koshish karein Gayatri ka jaap karein. Gayatri mantra se Rozana hawan karein . hawan ke baad Ishwar se naukari maangne ki prarthna bhi karein. Mujhe ummeed hai, ki Ishwar aapki sunega.