Vibhudev: I feel guilty as my Gayatri jaap increases, the feeling of Kaam Vaasna increases.Controlling thoughts becomes impossible even at the age of 65 yrs.This feeling has been shared with good religious friends who say it is natural and ignore it. There a way or medicine to control Kaam Vaasna?
Swami ramswarup: Bheeshma Pitamah ji, Hanumanji, Janak’s acharya- Gargi etc., are several dignitaries has controlled kaam vasna totally by following Vedic path. Said dignitaries even controlled themselves right from childhood till death. They never thought and even they never touched any opposite sex but by following vedic path they remained always in divine pleasure/happiness. Besides the said dignitaries, especially uptil Mahabharat period, there were unlimited men and women who were married, got family life and even maintained brahmacharya. So, you are advised to make contact with purohit and local Arya Samaj Mandir and get necessary advise from him.

Geetha: I am a seventh month pregnant woman. My relative says you are pregnancy in seventh month here after never go temple. Whether its right or wrong? I don‘t know but I hope when I go temple I feel very relaxed. Give me a suggestion visiting temple in pregnancy times, right or wrong?
Swami Ram Swarup: Worship of God is never discontinued, I mean to say is never stopped in any circumstances. In this connection, I paste my answers below:-

Worship of God is performed in any circumstances and as regards worship by a pregnant lady, it is necessary even for the best development and gaining divine qualities for the baby. Worship is only performed two times i.e., morning and evening. However, vedic literature may be studied in other times which will also give benefit to mother and baby. As regards any type of pooja, then Vedas tell that the best pious deed and worship of God is Yajyen with ved mantras.

Menstrual cycle

God has given knowledge of four Vedas to the souls which reside in human body. God has not given the knowledge to bodies. Soul realizes God and attains salvation and not bodies. Soul is unchangeable and immortal whereas bodies are changeable and are destroyed. So souls either in the body of man or woman is entitled to chant all the mantras, to listen preach and to worship God. According to Yajurved mantra 31/11 there is no any caste system except humanity based on good or bad qualities.

Almighty God is the purest matter in the universe. You see God is omnipresent therefore also is present in our stomach, stool, urine, blood, etc., but no any matter is able to touch Him. He (God) thus always remains the purest. So woman can continue her daily hawan also.