Gowtham: What you think about Bible? If we read bible instead of veda gain knowledge easy. Because veda has 2 parts you people know all these things soo big as we think. The peoplare telling this vedas only for mahatma not for ordinary people.

Why brahmins won’t teach these things to everyone.?

Why they have a partiality ..?

Why they have a thought brahmins are pure others not…?

I am telling about older days.

Why we use veda..?

If we read bible is it correct. ..?

Swami Ram Swarup: Bible is a religious book and all Christians follow its preaching. It is not certain that the views will tally with others also. These may be your views that “If we read Bible instead of Vedas, we gain knowledge easily.” But, infact knowledge of vedas is not the shape of a book, to read. It is Divine Voice. Knowledge of vedas emanates directly from God in the beginning of every creation.

So book can be read but Vedas are not books. Vedas are only listened first from a learned Acharya. Ved mantras of all four vedas which have been printed in the shape of a book are called sanhita and not vedas.

Those who have never listened vedas may tell anything but fact is this that knowledge of vedas emanates directly from God and is spread by Rishi-munis amongst public for their benefit. So, vedas are applicable to all.

Brahmins and pandits of nowadays are mostly ignorant of knowledge of vedas, so how would they teach when they themselves do not know about vedas. Nobody is pure. But when an aspirant makes contact with learned acharya of Vedas and starts learning vedas. Then slowly-slowly he also becomes learned. That is enough, this may only be known after listening, learning vedas.