Rajesh: Namaste Swamiji, I had asked a question for which I just got a reply ” Question not received”. I am not sure whether the question is not received due to an error in mail or I had asked a forbidden question. If I did I apologize but since I really need an answer, I ll post again my question fervently praying that I get an answer. My question : Where do babies go after they die ? Babies upto 6 months old who have not done any bad karmas in this life. Do they achieve moksha ? If they don’t due to their past karmas then why don’t they live on to grow big,obtain intelligence to burn up their past karmas ? Why were they not given the chance to live and had their lives taken away as a baby ? Is it only to give grieve to the parents ? Thank you for your attention Swamiji and hoping for an answer. Respectful pranams, Rajesh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You need not to make any apologize, prayer etc., because it is my moral duty to answer the question of all concerned. However, being busy in other daily spiritual tasks like daily yajyen,-both times, writing of spiritual articles in magazines, newspaper and in writing the Vedic comments on fourth and last part of Bhagwad Geeta- Ek Vedic Rehasya, delay may occur, for which I regret.

Baby or any man or woman (soul) go out of the body and remain for thirteen days in different planets and in space, as per Yajurveda chapter 39. It makes no difference whether death occurs of a baby or a young person or elders. Fundamental is that soul goes out of body and remains in the planets as quoted above. After thirteen days, soul come back on the earth and through vegetation or water etc., enters the male person’s body, based on previous lives’ deeds. Thereafter, through the process of pregnancy, soul gets rebirth. Question is not of a baby, but question is this that death occurs based on previous lives’ deeds. So, the baby was entitled only six months of age by Almighty God. In this situation, the baby does not get salvation. But the baby will have to get another birth. Salvation is meant for those who follow the eternal knowledge of Vedas and thus do daily yajyen/havan, name jaap of God, listen to Vedas and do hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and attain Samadhi, as per Yajurveda mantra 7/4 and Yog shastra sutra 4/29,30, 31. As said above, death even births are based on the basis of previous life deeds (i.e., sanchit karmas). Nobody then please can do anything/ any alteration, addition etc., (Rigveda mantra 3/56/1 refers) in the fundamental rules of Vedas, knowledge of which emanates direct from Almighty God. As regards grieve to the parents, I am sorry, all have to obey the desire of God. My mother died when I was only eleven months old and not Eleven years. But nothing could be done when I can even to know I bow before God and accepted His desire i.e., the elders state “Hum hain usmein razza jismein teri razaa hai.” We have to accept God’s decision. Because , He is our supreme judge. May God give peace to such affected babies. Again, My blessings to you.

Rohit: Pranam Guruji, Many thanks for clear my query if any confusion I will mail you please solve it. Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you and you are most welcome.

H A: Look my dear no visa card no paypal no anything in Iran and how I can sell and publish my book in website for publisher I mean how I got money?
Swami Ram Swarup: A person as stated in all religious book should try hard to earn money. Poverty is a grief.

Kiran: Pujya swamyjee, I am born in a family where there is no option other than eating non vegetarian food. Though I want to stop I cannot. Can any prayers to god help me to get a way? If I cannot stop non veg will I go to hell? Is there any way out to be saved?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. To follow the right path, one has to take firm decision on his own. So, you have also to take firm decision on your own, not to take non-vegetarian. In Vedas, non-vegetarian and all kinds of addiction is strictly prohibited. I also paste my article as under-


Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are two categories. Accordingly the construction of body i.e., teeth, small intestine and large intestine, and digestive system has been made by God.

Human beings come in vegetarian category. Our teeth and digestive system are different from that of cat, dog, lion etc. Some animals like cow, buffalo, goat, elephant etc., also come in Vegetarian category. We take water by sipping but the animals who are non-vegetarian i.e., meat eaters they do not sip but lick. Whatever we eat, that food develops our mind and body and creates natural behaviour. For example if we take a cub who is newly born and nurse him by giving milk and thereafter vegetarian food only and on the other hand to another cub we provide him
meat, then when they will be younger their habits will differ. The cub taking vegetarian food will not be as violent as the cub who took meat.

Now medical science also says that the energy in vegetarian food is more than that in non-vegetarian food. Vegetarian food gives long and ill free life. Vegetarian elephant is stronger than non-vegetarian lion.

Nobody can take meat until one inflicts violence on animals or birds etc., which is a sin. Our stomach becomes a graveyard where we gather meat by eating. As regards life in vegetarians it does not harm to them while plucking from plants etc. because every vegetarian plant has short life and is meant to give food to the human life. But to us meat is not entitled. Science has recently told that non-vegetarians are more susceptible to cancer disease and teeth degeneration as compared to vegetarians.

Non-vegetarian food is prohibited as per Vedas, shastras, Upnishads and all the ancient holy books. In vegetarian food an ocean of calories and vitamins is available by the mercy of God. Please check from a dietician about the same. Because it is lengthy one and I cannot explain here. For example dal, is full of proteins, soybean has more protein than any non-vegetarian food, which has ability to inhibit cancer also where as non-vegetarian doesnot. Green vegetables like palak, methi, etc., are the richest source of iron and vitamin A. So is the case of milk, curd, rice, fruit, etc.

Anand: Respected Samaj Dandavat pranam I have learnt one thing from the great sufi mystic Sheikh Farid that: Uth Farida suttia tu dunia vekhan ja Je koi mil jaye bakshiya tu vi bakshiya ja. He has made me realise that if I can find even a single enlightened person in my lifetime through my personal experience with direct contact, that would be a proof sufficient enough to strengthen my faith that I also have a possibility to become enlightened in my life, in my physical body, here and now. Therefore, I am looking desperately to come in direct contact with an enlightened master, so that I can witness his presence in this world of illusion, and take some advantage to make some progress on the path of spirituality, leading towards the ultimate aim of human life called self realisation (nirvana). Thus I request you to kindly help me, so that my intellectual understanding of the concept of nirvana could be converted into experiential reality of nirvana, thereby escaping from the danger of becoming a learned fool (tota pandit) having no personal spiritual experience called nirvana. Hai re man ka pagal panchi, udne ko bekrar

Pankh hain ghayal raat dhundhli, jana hai sagar par.

Ab tu hi humein dikhla, ke ayein kon disha se hum
Tu pyar ka sagar hai, teri ik boond ke pyase hum. Dandavat pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you. No doubt, Vedas preach to make contact with a learned guru to get divine as well as worldly knowledge. In this way, you yourself will have to do hard search, please. My heartiest blessings to you, for a long, happy life.