Rohit: Swamiji- pranam kripya karke mujhe vistar main main Hinduism ke baare main bataye. 2 aur mera dusra prashan ye hai ki kya sri krisna ne sirf zameen ka tukda pandvo ko na milne ke karan mahabharat ka yudh kurvo ke khilaaf cheedha tha.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Panchon Pandav Mahabharat ka Yudh nahin chahte the. Isliye, unhonein Duryodhan ko prastaav bheja tha ki yadi weh jeevan vyateet karne ke liye Pandawon ko Paanch gaanv (villages) bhee dega to weh ussee se santusht ho jayaingey. Parantu, Duryodhan nein Sri Krishna Maharaj ko yeh kahaa tha ki Yudh ke bina weh Pandawon ko Sui kee nok ke brabar bhee zameen nahin dega. Nyaye to yeh kehta hai ki Rajya to Pandawon ka tha jo Duryodhan nen zabardasti hadap liya tha aur Duryodhan ke bina koi Zameen ka tukda dena bhi nahin chahta tha. To neeyat to Duryodhan kee kharab thee aur Yudh to Duryodhan khud hee chahta tha ussey ahankar tha ki woh Yudh mein Pandawon ko maar dega. Weh bachpan se hee Pandawon se jalte-droh karte the. Doosra Duryodhan nen Praja par anyaye karne shuru kar diya tha. Rajya mein sharab, maansa, nari apmaan aur jua jaisee bhyankar kureetiyan shuru kar dee theen. Yudh to dharam bachane ke liye hua tha. Sri Krishna Maharaj to Nyaye Priye Yogeshwar ke roop mein ek vibhuti the. Unho nein Yudh nahin karaya. Weh to Yudh karane mein Nimit maatra the jissey ki Nyaye sthapit ho sakey aur rajya se burayee ka khatma ho sakey.

2. Hinduism ke bare mein mera article hai-

Mahabharat war was fought about five thousand three hundred years ago and uptil that period all people were called Aryas. Thereafter knowledge of vedas started declining and several sects started coming into existence including Hinduism.

About Hindus

The word Hindu was used for all the citizens who lived in India across Sindhu River. This word was used for the first time by Greeks and Unanis. Thereafter Arabians and Farsis used this word. So in reality Hindu means all the citizens, whether Sikh, Muslim, Christian or others, of India. Just like in America all type of citizens live there but are called citizens of USA i.e.,Americans.

Nowadays it is called that Vedas, shastras, Geeta, Ramayana and some other holy books of Sanskrit languages are related to Hindus. Vedas are the ancient holy knowledge of the world given direct from God always, at the time of creation. I have written a lot about this and would request you to please read

However, shunya (zero) is created but God is not made by anybody else instead Almighty God creates universe. Shunya is also space, which is also created by God. So God is above space, beyond calculation, beyond imagination and beyond description. Yet God has unlimited qualities for
example, Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, He has no shape, no nervous system, nobody can make hole in Him, He is Almighty and does not require any assistance from anybody else. He is eternal, self sufficient, cannot be seen with eyes, beyond mind. He creates universe, nurses and destroys and again nurses and again creates. Just a small portion of His power creates universe and His great quality is also this that the whole universe which is seen by us is nothing because the Almighty God is greater than this creation. He gives birth according to our deeds (karmas) He is witness of all karmas being omnipresent and omniscient, etc., etc., that is the God has unlimited qualities and powers.

H C: Please send me the book on Brahmcharya and Yajyen.
Swami Ram Swarup: The books are being sent to you, please.

N: Till what age height increases. My age is 20?
Swami Ram Swarup: The height can be increased upto the age of twenty five years but some exercises and asans are required to be practised daily.

Harpreet: Namskar Swami ji, Thank you so much,now I feel very good,really Thank you so much.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. You are most welcome, my daughter.