V: Mahraj ji prnam me bhut dukhi hu . koi bhi kaam kro sucess nhi hota . kitni pooja kr de koi fayada nhi . maharaj ji aap ko net pe dekha ek umeed jagi. maharaj ji kya me aap se milene aa skta hu kya aap miloge mujhse maharaji bdi kripa hogi. me kb aa skta hu .me uttrakhand se hu.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Beta, aap yahaan jab marzi aa sakte hain. Dukhi na hon, God sab theek karega.

Note: Yahaan aaney ke liye poora pataa aur raasta bhejne ke liye apni contact details ke saath question bhejen.

Rashmi: Guruji Maharaaj, Pranaam and charan sparsh,
1. While doing a agnihotra wife should sit next to husband on the left side or right side. and why in the specific side i.e what is the reason for that?
2. While putting ahutis of samagri in the havan the two specific fingers are only touched with thumb, i.e thumb middle finger and finger next to little finger . Why only these fingers are used to hold samagri, what is the reason behind this?
3. Among daan why is kanya daan is considered the best. Donating cow is also the best. Then why kanyadaan is considered the best, lot of feminist views are promulgated on this that girl is considered a property or thing to be donated? Could you please explain in the light of vedas? with thanks and regards,
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter.
1.) Wife is called ardhangini that is why, she sits on left side. Means, left hand shows her as ardhangini.

2.) 2-3 fingers can be used but index finger is not used because index finger always pin points others that you are faulty.

So, being the indicator of faults of others, it is not used, just for teaching.

3.) Atharvaved clearly states that father of the kanya donates the kanya to his son-in-law stating that uptil now, he (father) nursed her and took care of her by all means but from today this responsibility has been shouldered on you (son-in-law). So, until the kanyadaan is not done, how a beti can be taken by son-in-law? However, it is also be noted that in marriage ceremony, first cow daan is performed and while performing cow daan, kanya daan is also added.