Geetha: What food should is to be given to 10-12 months baby in the early morning?
Swami Ram Swarup: Early in the morning, the baby should be served with milk. For more guidance, you may please contact with child specialist.

Rishabh: Namastey swami ji – maine aapse ek prashn puchha tha aapne bataya ki ved ko vyas muni ji ne lipibaddh kiya lekin swami dayanand ji ne is bat ko nahi mana hai aur puna pravachan pustak me swamiji ke anusar to raja ikshvaku ke kal me ved lipibaddh huye the kya aap apni baat ka prmaan de sakte hai? I am waiting for it swamiji thanks 🙂
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Han! Vedon ko dwapur yug mein arthat aaj se 5,300 varsh pehle Vyasmuniji ne pehlee baar bhoj patra par likha tha. Unhein charon vedon ke mantra Guru parampara se by heart yaad they. Issey pehle ved mantra sabko Guru parampara se munh zubanni hee yaad rehte the. Kitaab-samhita ke roop mein ved mantra kisi ne bhi nahin likhe the. Waise bhi aaj jo kitabein hain, unhein samhita kehte hain, ved mantra nahin kehte. Ved mantra toh nirakar Ishwar kee vanni hai jo anadi kaal se shishya-guru ke mukh se sunte aaye hain aur Dayanandji is baat ko maante hain, aap Satyarth Prakash pad kar dekh lein. Yeh dhyan rahey ki Vyas Muniji se ved prakat nahin hue hain. Ved toh nirakar Ishwar se nikla gyan hai.

Maine Swami Dayanadji ka Puna pustak wala pravachan nahin pada hai yadi aapne pada hai toh theek hai. Asli baat yeh hai ki hamein to ved chahiye aur yeh satya hai ki Vyas Muniji ne ved likhe. Agar Ikshavaku raja ke raaj mein bhi ved likhe gaye hain toh Ved toh ved hee hain, unhonein bhi vahi likha hoga jo Vyas Muniji ne likha hai. Aaj ved vidya ke adhyayan kee zaroorat hai.

Rahul: Pandit ji. Main jb bhi padne bethta hu to kuch na kuch ho jata h aur interest nhe bnta aur bhi agar koi kam karta hu to badhayein bhut ati hain upay btayein.
Swami Ram Swarup: Padne mein interest na lena yeh khud vidyarthi kee kamzori hai, ussey aap sudhaar lein. I also paste my article in this regard-


Concentration is not made on mind, but mind has to be concentrated on particular point or subject etc. It requires practice of Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayaam, Pratyahar, Dharnna and Dhyan then one attains Samadhi. In this path, guidance of a spiritual master who knows Vedas and Ashtang Yoga philosophy is needed. Holy name jaap of God helps a lot. I have written a book on Yoga which can be sent on receipt of your postal address. However, personal guidance as stated is essential. It is a moral duty of a student to concentrate on hard study and to look after his health. Avoid bad society always concentrate on your Brahmacharya. Awake early in the morning and after bath-brush etc., do holy name jaap of God at least for fifteen minutes. Go for morning walk and light exercises daily. Take plenty of water i.e., at least 15-20 glasses in a day. Always respect your parents, elders and teachers. Must be soft spoken, avoid TV to see bad scenes, films etc. This all will help you to concentrate in your study. Whatever, you study and learn, try to write on rough book a lot without seeing books etc. Please refer to the book- “Brahamcharya-Dukh Nivarak Divya Manni”.

Any kind of problem which we have to face is due to the result of previous lives’ deeds. But Rigved states that daily hawan, name jaap sure destroy the obstacles. So, on one side you should do hard work daily and on other side, you should do daily Vedic worship, as quoted above, then you will surely get success.