Ramakanth: If god is lawfull why he gives birth to humans in other religions like Muslim, Christian, Buddhism and Sikh, etc, because by birth there is no veda dharma spiritual teachings to them, then how can we blame them?
Swami Ram Swarup: You see, present sects (religions) have been made by humans and not by God. God creates the universe and give us birth in human race only. He then tells to follow the eternal Vedic path, to gain long, happy life etc., So, fundamentally and right from the beginning of the earth, God has told us, i.e., to all humans of the earth to follow only Vedic path which was in vogue uptil Mahabharata war i.e., before 5,300 years. We must remember that the Vedic teachings were in vogue for about more than 1 Arab, 96 crore years. For the last only 2,500 years the present religions have came into existence, for which how can God be blamed etc.

Kishore: Please send me 1. Manav Dharma Shiksha, 2. Sandhya Mantra, 3. Mrityu – Ek Katu Satya and 4. Aatmik Udgar.
Swami Ram Swarup: Books are being sent to you, please.

Vivek: Pujywami ji sadar pranam aur apka bohut bohut dhanyabaad ,mujhe apke uttar se bohut hi jyada santi prapt huyi he ,mere aur bhi prasna he ,kya me inhe mail se pooch loo ya apki website se poochu kripya bataye. mera quastion he ki kya koi bhi devi devta, gandharva, yakhs, naag, kinner ,ish kalyug me aker kisi insaan se vivah kar sakte he kya? aur kya inkaabhi bhi astitva he? kripya margdarsan kare me ish bat ko leker bohut adhik chinta me hoo kabhi kabhi lagta he ki jeevan samapt kar doo
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome, please. Nahin, aisa vivah kabhi nahin hota. Kyunki akash se koi devi-devta uttar kar nahin aatey hain, aisa koi vidhan nahin hai. Devi-devta , mata- pita, atithi, guru aur Parmeshwar ko kehte hain. Gandharv bhi manushya hee hotey hain par ved ke gyata hotey hain. Gandharv ke ved-mantron ke hisab se alag-alag kai arth hain. Mann, vachan aur karma se teen prakar ke paap hotey hain. Atma-hatya ka khyal mann mein aana bhi maha-paap hai, isliye aisa vichar mat karo. Yeh ek aisee baat ho jaatee hai ki Bhagwan nein hamein bahut achchhi zindagi dee hai aur aap Bhagwan se keh rahe hain mujhe nahin chahiye, aisa paap mat karo.

In this regard, I paste my article below:-


Suicide occurs in respect of those who indulge in illusion. Due to illusion, they are demoralised, lose patience. When the creation starts then at the beginning of every creation, God gives the knowledge of four Vedas to Rishis/human beings, to become learned by destroying the illusion. But those who due to one or the other reason, do not listen Vedas, they become unable to understand the motto of the human life and therefore the illusion effects them. As a result, they lose heart and commit suicide which is the greatest sin of human life. They even do not understand that due to their said act of sin, they will have to face more and more sorrows in the next birth. Even they are devoid of best human body which is meant to achieve salvation while doing all moral duties under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedic philosophy.