Daya Shankar Singh: Pranraam swamiji sadar charan sparsh swamiji dharmik r Ramdevbabaji hain and vedo ke manewale bhi hain itfax se rajnit bhi aarahe hain to kya inse sushashan ki ummeed ki ja sakti hain ya lokotrishana hain ispar swamiji prakash dale aaur sahi marg batayen.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera tumhein ashirwad. Vedon ke anusar Rishi-muni ya koi bhee vedon ko padne sunne wala ho weh kisi nari ya kisi anya vyakti ko gaali galoch ya abhadra bhasha se address nahi karta. Weh vidwan puratan Raja maharajaon ko vedon ke anusar guide karta hai, apne views nahi balki vedon ke views unhe sunate the. Aaj kal to sadhu-sant seedhe hee yeh kehte hain ki mere vichar mein yeh hai, mere vichar mein weh hai itiyadi. Doosra aaj vishwa bhar mein vedic vishudh rajneeti ka gyan hai hee nahi. Har ek party mein ek- doosre se raag-dwesh ek doosre ko ganda kehne ka chalan hai, abhimaan, ahankar itiyadi hai. Isliye aaj koi sadhu bankar kisi bhee party ka sath de raha hai to nishchit hee weh ved virudh hai. Us sadhu ko to us party ko bhee vedic shiksha deinee chahiye thee, krodh mein ahankar mein nahi bolna chahiye. Yeh maine kuchh vedic gyan kee baat kahi hain, parantu main kisi bhee Baba par comment nahi karna chahta yeh sub unka personal matter hai. Kisi sadhu ko gandi rajneeti ka sahara lekar kisi doosri party kee nari ko, vyakti ko gaali- galoch, raag, dwesh kee bhasha mein nahi bolna chahiye. Wahi baat apnepan ko kayam rakhte hue pyar se bhee kahi ja sakkti hai. Par aajkal to apnepan ka namonishan hee khatam ho gaya hai baki to bas gaali-galoc,h raag-dwesh , chhinttakashi aadi anek buraiyan reh gayee hain.

Saraswathi: I have 2 daughters but I want boy child that is possible or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. It is all in the hands of Almighty God. However, God also helps those who help themselves. So, if you please try to do daily havan even with Gayatri mantra, both times and in the end, you pray to God to fulfill your desire. He will bless you. In addition, it is also necessary that you both maintain Brahmacharya continuously for one year and thereafter arrange to perform Garbhadaan sanskar under advise of a local learned acharya of Vedas/Purohit.

You may contact local Arya Samaj for the same. Thereafter, God may bless you with a male baby.

Anonymous: Pranam swamiji. I want to ask that if elders and guru give young ones blessing .did they receive the young on ones part of suffering and how it can be prevented? does it apply even if someone give blessing to others also ( (other than their children etc).is there any way children can take some part of their parents sufferings.if someone is ill what yagya or havan to be done so that his age can be increased. if any guru give blessings to others doesn’t his pious deeds get increased other than that he suffers the suffering of other people’s past one can make his parents happy?nowadays many such incidents happen that if one brother is successful (he has taken care of his younger brothers and sisters)but his brothers want that he should help him like earlier times only and thus withdraw him from his other family duties .his parents too want this .if he doesnot take care like earlier times then they get annoyed and angry.(he want to take care of his parents)but due to this his parents donot want to be cared by him. then what he should do?how one can protect himself and his family from the people who want to harm you?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. If elders and guru give young one’s blessings then the elders and Guru, they both have to face the result of the young one’s sorrows etc., in a little bit percentage. No prevention. Yes, it applies in all cases. Children must obey, must serve and be faithful to their parents. To increase the age, the Almighty God Himself preaches in Vedas that one should perform daily Yajyen/havan with ved mantras, under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yog. Yes, any guru when blesses anyone, he suffers as quoted above.

Help always makes a man lazy, if a person to whom the help is provided, is not hard-working, faithful and does not want to be independent. If the parents too want such help then parents are not learned. It is a tendency that as and when the help is stopped then the person become annoyed and go against him, which is a great sin on their part; they are thankless people. But everyone must always take care of their parents for whole of life. It is his moral duty, say Vedas. Rest should be left in the hands of God.