Edward: Pranam Swamiji, Sam veda 1529 and Rig veda 4.32.20 are prayers to Agni and Indra, are these prayers suitable for use since Agni and Indra are Devas.

Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you.

In Samved mantra 1529, Agni word is used for Almighty God. When we worship Him by performing Agnihotra i.e., by offering aahutis of ghee and samigri in burning fire and reciting ved mantras, He destroys our sorrows and provides us with glory and all comforts.

So, we must worship God.

In Rigved mantra 4/32/20, the meaning of Indra is King or a richest donor. So, in the mantra there is an advice to King/donor that they should bestow wealth a lot, not less because he who donates a lot is praised and respected but not he who donates little.