By Swami Ram Swarupji
The target of a human life to realize truth under the guidance of a Guru even continues (in) the family life like Shri Ram, sita etc., or a brahamcharya life like Bal brahmcharini Gargi who was the Guru of king Janak. But now a days due to attraction in materialistic articles only the people have become ignorant about the path of eternal spiritualism for which we have been blessed with a human body.

I have given following answer to one of a question which has been placed here also. God is not seen with eyes etc., but God is only realized by a Rishi who knows Vedas philosophy and has practiced ashtang yoga philosophy. Geeta shlok 7/19 also refers. The Rishis have explained their experiences of realizing God and other benefits in their shastras/upnishads etc. And they have clarified in their holy books that they got the knowledge from Vedas traditionally in Guru shishya method. So now a days there may also be the Rishi of such kind. Now there is lack of study of Vedas, therefore people aretotally unable to justify that who is the real Guru.

When there is no sun in the sky then it is not possible to say that it is a morning. When sun rises then it becomes morning.

So there is no any alternative of the sun to reproduce morning. Similarly in the absence of Vedas’ knowledge it is not possible to realize truth or even to justify the truth in any case. So is the case of Rishi or Guru.
The people of ancient times used to study Vedas since childhood like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, king Dashrath, king Harischchandra, Yudhishtar And their public etc. etc. This all fact is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharta and Brahmin Granths. So those public was wise and who could justify on the basis of study ofVedas doing Yagya(Yajna) and practice of yoga philosophy while remaining in family life. But it is our bad luck that now a days the public is ignorant on the topic of four Vedas. And the present saint mostly have done a work like offering ghee in fire by sayingfalse statements that in Kaliyug there is no need of Vedas, yajna and yoga in family life.

So it has become difficult to establish truth as is also said by Tulsi in His Ramayan dhoa 100 (b) i.e., in kaliyug the people do not worship God according to Vedas. Butarrogants have made their own path. So the Rishis if have realized God at present they will never talk about the same direct because this is the matter to brief to those only who knows or study Vedas properly. Can any scientist brief his philosophy before ailliterate or literate even whose subject is Geography i.e., other than science?

I remember Saamveda mantra 164 wherein it is said,” AA TU AA IT” i.e., come, come and come here “NISHIDAT” i.e., sit down please and “INDRAM PRAGYAT” i.e., recite and learn and even sing the reality of Almighty God. Saam veda mantra 252 says YATHA TRISHYAN GAURAH just like a thirsty animal like deer etc., “APA KRITAM IRRINM ETI” goes to a water tank in a jungle. Similarly NA APITEVE KANVESHU we must be desirous of getting contact with learned Guru TUYAM AW AA GAHI SACHA PIB to realize immortal God. So now a days to be thirsty one to realize God or to do pious deeds or to worship or to contact with spiritual master has been a tough taskdue to attraction towards materialistic articles. But Vedas says about the truth that the first birth of a man or woman is from parents which is like darkness, selfishness, being full of illusion. So there is a word in Vedas Dwij, Dwi= second, ja means janam i.e.,birth. So in human life one has to take second birth. This birth is taken from a spiritual master, real Guru who knows eternal philosophy of Vedas and yoga and has practiced and has experiences thereof.

When a Guru gives Diksha to disciple and starts preaching then the same day the disciple takes his second birth and his Guru becomes his spiritual father. Then only the first birth took from parents becomes faithful.

(Also published in the Speaking Tree)