Under the leadership of Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, a Yajyen spanning 64 day is being organised at Ved Mandir, Yol. On the 21st day, devotees made the offerings from the mantras of Rig Ved.

While explaining a mantra from Rigved, Swamiji said that like birds live on a tree, on the same tree their offsprings are born, attain maturity and have their own families. When the time comes the parents of these offsprings grow older and attain death.

The essence of this mantra is that just like this man also aggregates house, wealth, etc. and spends his life with their family on the earth just like these birds and after expanding family attains death then Vedas say that these men do not get knowledge of God.

Swamiji also added that the motto man’s birth is to be in shelter of the learned, attain spiritual knowledge and attain arth (money), dharm, kaam (attainment of pious desires) and moksh (salvation) while performing good deeds in family life.

Hence we need to seriously introspect whether without the knowledge of God, we are passing our lives like birds.