The aim of yoga is to free the soul from the effect of three qualities of prakriti (Material cause of the Universe including our bodies) and by doing so it enables a man to achieve final liberation i.e., realization of Almighty God.


” The devotee who has purified himself by destroying the dirt of false knowledge and sins by the power of Yoga, he only does feel the merriment / ,pleasure of realization God. This utmost realization merriment and realization is not a subject of speaking because it is an intuition.”


“Tada Darashtuhu Swarupa Avasthanam “

Meaning: With the power of Yoga there becomes an end of all dead evils and false knowledge, then the soul ( sear) realises himself. Here the soul remains in his own nature. We can say Yoga is a Union of Soul and God.

It is not out of mention to see that in the absence of Yoga Education, a life becomes full of sorrows ills, problems and tense etc. In reality in the absence of Yoga knowledge no one can achieve good health, long life and good prospects. Similarly Lord Krishna in chapter -6 Sloka 17 of Bhagwat Gita Says:

“Yogo Bhavati Dukhaha.”

Meaning: Yoga is a destroyer of all kinds of sufferings.

Please see the condition full of joy of a devotee who attains the stage of Samadhi through the power of Yoga and thus he drinks ‘ SOMA’ .What type of super natural words he uses in his spiritual intoxicated condition due to the effect of ‘SOMA’

A. For me the earth and sun both are not even equivalent to my one arm, because I have drunk ‘SOMA’

Note:- This is a joyful condition of a devotee who has attained Samadhi.

B: Oh, I am so happy that why not I must place this earth from one place to another, because I have drunk ‘SOMA’

C. My five senses neither affects me nor can make me greedy because I have drunk ‘SOMA’ ( Rig. Veda 10/119/6,7,and 9 )

After attaining the stage of samadhi the yogi enjoys within himself. He then becomes emotional and his emotions attains the highest stage of spiritual intoxication due to the effect of ‘SOMA’.

However the actual meaning of word, ‘SOMA’ needs clarification as in todays world it is totally misconceived. The ignorant people understand ‘SOMA’ as wine and call it an intoxicant for the Rishis and Munis. This is false statement due to lack of deep study of Vedas and Yoga knowledge.

‘SOMA’ is an ancient Shata Pathe Brahmin Holy Book by Yaska Muni is : “Satyam Shri Jyotihi Soma” and “Anrite Papma Tamah Sura.

Meaning:- Here the ‘Soma’ is satyam shri and Jyotihi. Satyam = Truth, Shri = Venerable and Jyhotihi = Light.

All three wrods, i.e. satyam Shri and Jyotihi thus are adjective of Almighty God. So the meaning of ‘Soma’ is God. Who is a Truth, Venerable and Light. Therefore, ‘Soma’ is =God = realized in Samadhi. So ‘Soma’ is also samadhi stage.

Now we came to the meaning of sura in the above Holy Book. Here Sura is Anrite, Papma and Tamah. Anrite =Falsehood , papma = sins and tamah = Darkness and Sura=Wine

Note: Falsehood, sins and darkness are related with bad deeds concerning with illusion. So wine is falsehood, Sins and Darkness.

Therefore, where ‘soma’ is God, Truth and light etc, there Sura is totally in opposite.

The ‘Soma ‘ is an experience of a devotee who has completely absorbed soul (Himself ), within the utmost bliss of joy, but only after attaining the stage of Samadhi, i.e. realisation of God.

From the above we come to a conclusion that where vedas and other Holy Books decribes spiritual philosophy and other like matters, the Yoga Education gives spiritual eyes and unables a devotee to see and realize description right from an atom to the stage of creation and even the Creator. Why should not we then adopt it?

It should be accepted that Yoga knowledge blessed by God is a duty to be discharged by all concerned.