Swaha tapah. Those who have come from far and near, blessings are of God only that he sends for Yajyen. It is alokik (not of this world) voice of God. Its a great misfortune that people dont like listening the voice of Vedas.

It becomes an armour for protection. No other voice can do that.

Our army should attack and rip apart the enemies. Shaurya (valour) and veerta (bravery) is of soldiers only. These mantras give the blessing of God. Same were also recited during Kargil war.

In Mahabharat both armies would do Yajyen before war. Burn the enemies. Sena word comes in mantra.

Remaining age should be spent in the worship of God. Its the blessing of God that someone comes for Yajyen. If someone puts poornahuti then for one year there is complete protection. These words were recited about 38 years ago.

Shabdbrahm – when you listen voice of Vedas from vidvaan. The base is Vedas for all rishis. 1 arab 97 crore years, there were Vedas only. Earlier there were no sects. These should be respected.

Vidvaan has everything devoted to God –

I cannot leave your Ved vanni. I do practice of name jaap so that I can understand. These are immortal.

1861 mantra of Samved will be same in next creation. It will remain as unchangeable, immortal voice of God.

Any paper of a book will be destroyed as per natural process. At the time of final destruction of the universe, no books will remain. God is formless. Without speaking and reciting it emanates in the heart of four rishis.

Those who have doubt on rishis cannot get the benefit of this pure immortal voice of Vedas. Those who doubt, they themselves don’t have good character. If someone has doubt then this does not give you any benefit. It is Ved Mata – its our mother.

Stuti of Ved Vanni.. This is alive voice, it benefits you those who deserve it. Pavmanaye – become pure.

Dikshit – those who have been initiated as a disciple, Ved Vanni makes them pure.

Never be away from deeds.

Oh God, may you shower blessings on us.. GOd who never falls ill, we have heard great saamved from rishi.