Prithvi operates on rules. We have been given power to make even 33 devtas strong. People want freedom and do not follow basic rules – speak sweetly. Now the whole world is not stable due to not following rules. Like school colleges. You commit sins and you will pay for the sins. Dont break rules of Ved Mandir – don’t talk to opposite gender, worldly talk, make sure things clean, in sadhna shauch is important. Everyone should remember that God is pure and away from sins. Those are sinners and unfortunate who don’t clean their bodies. Those who are jealous of others are sinners as God lives in them. Wherever rishi is staying that’s where God is prakat.

In school or college you study and then revise. If you just come once a year and dont revise that means you are not interested.

To do deeds according to Vedas is punya or its paap. Now no one listens or follows Vedas and does not know the difference and keeps doing sins.

Man is free, and he doesn’t follow rules, which affects the world.

Remove dirt from you first and then powers of God will automatically protect you.

Deed done once does not go waste. Service of cow of Guru has immense benefit. You don’t like following Vedas but just like listening and putting aahutis.

Those who praise others, and get praised both get destroyed. Laguta se prabhuta mile, prabhuta se prabhu door. Chinti sir shakkar chali, haati sar dhool.

Stay away from pride and greed. Stay ordinary but with good qualities.

Atharvaved 20th kand last few mantras, samved complete too.

We pray that our intellect becomes pure, parshu – it may be so pure that it can cut across bad wishes, anger, pride, greed, etc. Materalistic education is not needed for soul. If there is someone who is not learned of Vedas, and has become a Guru. He makes other effort in reading other books, etc. Then this person enters bad births alongwith family and disciples (Manu smirit). These are fundamental laws, and cannot be changed.

Without Vedas, both rich and poor are in sorrows. If you dont follow Vedas then you wont understand Vedas even after listening. People become so entangled in their pride then even after understanding the truth even though they know. They go in bad births.

People are selfish and ignore Vedic path. They are entangled in their own things and pleasures. The spiritual progress of the world has stopped. We should do only good deeds by sense organs. After listening Vedas, you should force yourself to follow the right deeds. Keep practicing and they will not get diverted. You wont get entangled and then you wont have to bear the result of your deeds.

Do good deeds only then you won’t need to bear the result of your deeds. So-called saints have spread this that if you dont do deeds then you wont need to bear. Its a great sin to be lazy and to work hard. With your good deeds, you will be able to destroy your past bad deeds.

Vedic karm is supreme. Not man made.

God is saying that definitely God becomes your friend.

Samved mantra 1402 man is the one who makes himself pure. Soul is surrounded by dirt and is under the influence of the needs. It takes several lives to improve. Those who try they will. One learning car will drive not straight initially and then will improve. Those you are not trying to learn, won’t learn to drive.

We have been born for more births than stars but we are not improving. One who doesn’t know God is wrong. You have got a chance to destroy your sorrows thats why this creation was done.

The mantra says, my friend, come here and sit, pray from pure mantras of Samved. God is pleased faster with Samved. Pure God and pure acharya, both should be prayed. No one knows acharya, no one can know them, just like God. One who has realised God his dirtiness is destroyed. Yogshastra 4th kand, mantra 31, 33, 33, 34 talks about the qualities that nature cannot influence him.

After seeing someone who realised God one should get renunciation. Yogi will be pure and like light, he will look just the way you look, if someone has dirt inside, he will see dirt.

The mantra says that we should do stuti of Ishwar or acharya, so that they may protect us, and give us pure money, and give us spiritual knowledge. You are pure, please give us joy. You give us everything. You take away all enemies and problems, and donate us.

If Arjun could not see then how can you see? Acharya tries to safe himself from public.

Become deserving then God will give us everything.