Yasya chaya amritam – we will definitely realise God, even if it takes several births if we are in the shelter of a rishi and Vedas. This is the only way to realise God.

With this Yajyen only you get all richness but devpooja, sangatikaran and daan, not just aahutis and eating food.

You should strive that you are incapable of doing any sins.

Anyone who serves acharya is capable of realizing God, getting rid of sorrows and gets fame in 10 directions.

Make your intellect so strong by service that you can remember and understand knowledge from Vedas. One who serves, awake from all sins, gets up early morning, mantras of Rigved, etc wish for him, i.e. he gets the knowledge of Vedas. God becomes his friend. How can God be friend of someone who is not pure?

Wake up from this sleep. Definitely God becomes his friend.