Farming, service, and other things that you are also Yajyen, if we do timely Yajyen and Agnihotra daily. If we do not do Yajyen, Agnihotra and listen Vedas then other karmas also become bad deeds. Life becomes hell. Now you can think deeply, where are Yajyen happening? So everyone’s life is like hell – rich or poor. If Yajyen will happen then life will be bliss.

You have to do Yajyen with honesty including controlling senses, dev pooja (service to Acharya), etc. Your ears should shine with knowledge of Vedas. This is the land of Yajyen.
Like when smoke goes in your mouth and you get cough. If you even break the law of God even slightly, you will get punished. Yajyenshala should be open from top. He also does not leave even a Yogi. We should not be scared of Him, He is our father but we should be scared of His rules. We should not break His rules.

Nowadays no one brings out Som. There are so many of you sitting here. Som goes to entire universe (Brahmand). Even one person does havan Som will go in the universe. This is a quality of fire that anything that is put in fire it will break it down to smaller pieces. Just like if someone puts a chilly in fire, even those outside the kitchen will feel it. It’s the quality of fire that the smaller molecules of the ingredients are carried with air and rays.

The molecules from Yajyen make all items pure, all 33 non-alive devtas get stronger and they give happiness to the whole world. Nachiketa went to get the knowledge of Agni-vidya. Agni means physical fire and also God. He went to learn Vedas, Yajyen, havan, etc.

We should do Yajyen with wisdom and concentration. If someone’s buddhi (intellect) becomes dead and also gets entangled in evil then it won’t do any good. Vedas says that those who do not get up before sunrise, these sunrays make intellect weak as per Atharvaved.

Rigved has a very good description of early morning. It says that it even gives pleasure to those who get up early morning to even diseased. Even for those who are sick, it’s wrong to wake up late, even though Vedas allow that.

Vedas have said in simile that early morning (usha) knocks on door of everyone with a good fortune, those who do not wake up, early morning eats up their fortune just like a she-wolf eats a prey in a forest.

We should not break the law of the Creator. Yajyen gives benefit to everyone, even if one person attends. There is also Brahma (rishi who knows all Vedas). It’s the best deed. There is also explanation of Vedas. We should take time for Yajyen. It’s the best deed and it’s our dharma (responsibility that has to be met).

We pray that in our homes, community, etc. Som gets created (by havan and Yajyen), and those who chant mantras may get wisdom and let their good wishes be fulfilled. Even lazy and stupid can put offerings in fire, they will get physical benefit, but they will not get spiritual benefit and happiness. That’s in the rule of God. What you have been listening here since 1978 are rules of God, they are not mine. We should get rid of bad deeds (like laziness) and meet your responsibilities as per Vedas. Don’t leave responsibilities and deeds.

There are so many traps in this world now. These are not made by God but by man. These include Advaitvad, Dvetvaad and others. There is only one way out – listening to Vedas. You should listen like a thirsty deer looking for water in jungle. He reaches the water body knowing that there are carnivores waiting to latch on him. Just like this we should make extraordinary effort to listen Vedas. Earlier everyone used to listen Vedas from childhood and they would follow rules of Vedas, and would leave homes to go to jungle due to moh (attachment), mamta (affection), etc. You should not leave family unless you get vairagya (renunciation).

To stay in family after 50-60 years is a sin and people also have sin of not listening to Vedas since childhood. However, who is leaving? Keep trying and one day you may get vairagya (renunciation).

We should keep doing havan and Yajyen, and keep doing Sompaan (drink Soma). For a Tapasvi Sompaan is permanent. This Soma of havan is smoke, which is physical. For a Tapasvi, Sompaan is realization of God, which is permanent.

All rishi munis (who were born, or will be born in future), arrive wherever Yajyen and havan is happening. They are pleased to see them happening. Fools will not be happy. They will be jealous of those who do havan. They keep misdirecting people. Fools have no knowledge of the benefit of Soma. Those who create Soma they get rich, get happiness and also get an ability to donate cow.

God gives inspiration for donation. Some donations are immortal, some are not. Like donation as per Vedas for Yajyen, and those who deserve (rishi, muni, etc.) We also get the company of God, rishi, free souls who have attained salvation, good intellect, and pray to God that we may once realize him.

A small power of God is taking care of the entire world. It’s astonishing to hear about the power of God. We have to follow Vedas, there is no other way out. Any true knowledge that is there in any religious book, it has come from Vedas only. Vedas are the first in every creation. It makes all those who do not have knowledge learned. Rishis keep saying that this knowledge is from Vedas. Sinners keep claiming that it’s their knowledge. It’s a great sin and they suffer over several births. Without knowledge of Vedas, people cannot identify truth. They do not listen Vedas. If the knowledge is not given then it can be generated on its own.

Tulsi has specified before his Ramayan that he wrote the book for his its own pleasure However, he read several books before writing the book, and mentioned it at the start.

Keep doing tapasya and focus on good deeds. Do not waste even a moment in jokes, etc.
Elephant is big but the iron used to control it is quite small. Similar is the power of God. He can control the whole world easily by using just a small fraction of His power.