Its a sin to be sick (as it is a result of your deeds). Those who are unwell should not come to the ashram. Sevaks will be kept busy to take care. It will be a sin. Its not the way to come to ashram. If we are sick then we should not come. This is such a place that we have to take care of someone who is sick. Those who are sick should take care of themselves.

Those who have a responsibility to take care should do it. It will be a greater punya and will get blessings of Guru.

If you will like to stay for wrong reason then you will lie and commit sins. It is a place that you learn how to realise. Don’t bring children less than the age of 8. Its their nature to be playful. You cannot scold or beat up a child. Those who bring children under the age of 8 then the order is not followed and its a sin.

Don’t insult anyone, or speak in a taunting way. Speak in a loving way. You cannot break the order of Guru.

How will you gain by not following the order of Guru? Dont bow too close, bow from far. First thing is seva. Horse works everyday and then gets food. Work hard whole day and then sit for food.

This is amrit food. It gives joy, pleasure, happiness and other benefits. It cannot be digested. How do pandits fall sick? These pandits take money from people, the food from the money is not digested.

One student will beg just from three houses and would work hard to serve cow. The same thing would be eaten by everyone after sharing equally. People would work so hard for this food. Why do you earn sins? Sit together and eat together. You should stay in the order of Guru.

If you dont do basic service in house then its a sin. Here its a grave sin. Karmath – work very hard like air, never stops. If you have less Brahmcharya then you wont be able to serve. No diseases – if you are sick then dont serve. Speak and eat less. Morning and evening come in cycles, similarly sevak should keep working and not stop.

Tapasvi should eat less – 50% food, 25 air and 25 water. Sevak should take care of his health. Sevak are very less. They dont have power to do seva. The summary is that at your age no one was sick and their age was more than 100 years. They will return home after ashram at the age of 25. You now face problem in understanding Vedas. This body becomes incapable of performing seva. Thats why the knowledge of Vedas is hard to follow. Do meditation, seva, havan daily. At least ensure that your next life of a human being. Then they wont make the same mistakes. Now you have lost time. How a sick person will do asan, pranayaam? Dont give up. Safeguard your next life. May God give this blessing to us.

Be alert. If you listen Vedas without serving then you wont understand and wont benefit. At the age of 8 the child gets janeyu and then come. Below the age of 8 if a child puts aahuti then its bad for then.