In Yajyen today, Aahutis from Atharvaved and gayatri channd of Samved were given. Swamiji shared the following preach from Vedas:

Yajyen shresht amritam – There should be proper use of food in yajyen. You should sit together and eat, and thank God. Feed others and then eat. If you don’t practice this then you get sorrows.

Everyone come, sit and for God pavitra gaan gao. Like yiu beautify a child, we should beautify Yajyen and Yajyen bhoomi. Purity is must – shauch. Mann also should be made pure. Your houses should be pure too.

Father is the one who is able to take care of family in grahsthyaashram. Mother is the one who works hard at home – take care of elders, children, etc. Due to lack of Yajyen, it becomes hard to manage. At the age of even 30-40 there is no power in body. Due to lack of brahmcharya, there is lack of power. Both husband and wife have less power, laziness and diseases. If they don’t do yajyen then they get problems. Due to lack of power and money, they don’t take care of elders. People are not able to fulfill their duties. God gives punishment for these sins.

Those who do not perform Yajyen since childhood still can have patience, fulfill duties and even realize God. Suveeryam comes in every Veda. Brahmcharya gives you special powers.

For realizing God, and to succeed in every aspect one should follow brahmcharya and have good diet. You should have a suniyojit (well planned) life. If we get lazy and don’t do havan or meditation in the evening.. Either you get entangled in the world or have a life of saiyam (bramcharya), perform duties, and progress or get immersed in the sea of sorrows.

God is pleased with the aahutis of gayatri chand. The karma done is not useless, aahutis given will give effect. When, it depends upon you. God does not like drama. Basic condition is control on sense organs.

God does not forgive. Its the order of God that you should go to the house of a rishi. If acharya comes to your place then you may not need to go that often. Children should also cooperate with acharya. Should sit with rishi and do Yajyen. Those who do not come due to whatever reason then its their fault. God punishes.

Neecho ka neech, lower than the lowest who listens Vedas and do not follow them. The books written by a rishi cannot be outside Vedas. Only liars will go against. Vyas muni has said this from Vedas.

How can a tapasvi take donation of land, or other things? False saints keep taking land and build ashrams in order to collect money. Its a great sin. This is the work of extremely greedy sinners.

If you do meditation then your vritti will start entering inside, others keep going outside and it will keep spreading.

Man stablise the voice of God inside you. How can one be satisfied by man made religions? There is just one path made by God. People say Vedas are good and rishi munis are good but they don’t let you follow Vedic path..

Naamkaran after 101 days. Till date we have kept you on milk. A soul listens, and it puts sanskaars even if the child doesn’t remember. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, people don’t do naamkaran as per Vedas. People are enemies of them and their children as they dont make their children follow vedas. They think that their children are bodies. They should safeguard bodies and give them healthy food. One should stay away from diseases. Bodies are like a house where your children stay.

With brahmgyaan there is protection, and will also make them do havan, name jaap and follow Vedas. Then the child will be away from sorrows and may get removed from entanglement, and realize God. This knowledge has evaporated from the world.

Food, etc. Is not for me and my children, they are for bodies. Maya is destroyed one day. Progress in your materialistic fields but don’t forget God.

Naamkaran sanskaar puts a sanskaar on the soul that they are souls and it gives the introduction of the names of their bodies. It also makes them feel that they are sukh swarup (joyous form). These parents are parents of my body and not soul. I don’t belong to anyone. Soul is never born. God and souls have no parents.

For others prakriti (nature) is mother and God is father. Name is identification of body.

You are blessed that you have come to Yajyen but you have come at an older age. You should be scared of yourself. If you doubt rishi then what good it will do it for you? Don’t do any sins here then there is no corner on the earth where these will be forgiven.

You do good deeds or bad deeds – God has made you free. When there will be influence of Vedas again in next creation then there wont be any space left on the earth that wont have Yajyen.

Do praise of God as per Vedas. Stavaam – do stuti (praise) as God is pure so he should be praised by pure Ved mantras. Nowadays people have made their own God, stuti should be as per Vedmantras. If you are adhikari (aspirant) then these will help you or they will give bad effect. Work as hard as wind. Anyone who is sick should not do service.

You get pure blessings if you are aspirant and make offerings with full concentration.

Ved mantras only make money pure otherwise there are problems. Without Vedas money is not pure. Look what countries are doing for money. Make money pure by yajyen. There were no fights about property. Ramayan none of the sons wanted kingdom. What will you do with the property of the parents? Don’t touch money of parents, earn your own money. Don’t spend it.

This is immortal. Become aspirtant, sevak.. And gain this knowledge. Valmiki muni saw in samadhi and then wrote. Others dont have this vision. It was written to inspire others. Till this creation people will remember his story. Not after that. In new creation there wont be any books even those written by a rishi. It cannot be amar (one that stays forever) only Vedas.

This world is a desert, and is a mirage spread all over. You, like this deer in desert will keep hitting your head in sand, and you will die in vain. Just like people are after wealth and they die. The world bites you. This is for someone who doesn’t follow Vedas.

For others, it is a source of realizing God. If this world is not there then how will you try to realize God. This is false knowledge that people consider sorrows as joys. It destroys everything. If you become wise then you wont get entangled in this and while performing duties, you have the potential to get over it. You have the capability of crossing this trap of Maya.

You come back to the place where God exists inside you. You should do duties but your mann, etc. Be towards Vedas. Kand 126, 20th mantra.

World cannot give you any joy without God. It is a mirage. At every stage in life, you should come back. You can get over bad deeds. Do like this. Pray like this: I request my father God to give me true knowledge in my intellect. (knowledge of Vedas) like sun has light, similarly I may get the light of truth.