In Yajyen today, Aahutis from Atharvaved and gayatri channd of Samved were given. Swamiji shared the following preach from Vedas:

In Main teri girah Ved Vanni mithya nahi kar sakta. (I cannot make your Ved Vanni false).

Ved vanni gives us everything and also unites with God. To sharpen our intellect – te naam vivak mee – I do kirtan of your name.

You know every small and big deed. I do prayaschit of it that I will not repeat it. God knows everything and once he sees that the person is incapable of performing sins then the soul moves towards realizing God. God has made this creation to help man get rid of sorrows and realize God.

While performing evening havan, there should be sun in sky, clouds don’t matter. You get spiritual benefit on sunset but not physical. Its essential to do havan of evening when sun is not set. We should always try that we put aahutis before sun set. Som yajyen is done at night. Doing havan at night has spiritual benefit but the physical benefit to others is not there.

Chanting of these names of God is not materialistic. Do havan both times with family. It is a great blessing that you can do havan yourself. You should join with Ved Vanni. Aapah – God which is everywhere. Even a Rishi is astonished at the names of God given by God himself in Vedas.

Imported names of God – they have come from divi lok. Knowledge of Vedas is unlimited.

God, the one who is in Yajyen, bodies and our family (kids) has done dharan (holding us) may help us realize Him. Now the time is such that.. Now many of you are lucky as you get children with Vedas, and sanskaars, before they are born.

Our main motto is that we realize God. Jeevatma is rudra (makes us cry). Like sun, etc. (33 devta, except soul) 32 devta they all have siddhis in their work (they do their work perfectly) similarly me, my children and others get siddhi of Yajyen. These devtas are medicine etc. For us. All these protect us. With yajyen all of them get strength. They completely protect us. There was no cyclone, earthquake, etc in earlier centuries. All the people had abundance of gold, etc.

Due to yajyen, all of them were rich. We should try that others join havan. Worship made by humans is for them only. Havan etc. Is for benefit of all, as made by God. Only wish you have individually is that you realize God. Each prayer has nah, we.

Nabhi: navel

Yajyen vishvya ki nabhi hai. Imagine that the world is a big body with moon and sun as eyes, earth are feet, body is space and nabhi is smoke of Yajyen. With nabhi everything is protected. We accept smoke from our nabhi. Yajyen makes the world’s navel pure. When a man’s navel is moved, it causes a lot of pain. Nothing is pure in the absence of Yajyen.

Sit around havan kund, both your ears should shine with the knowledge of Vedas. Yajyen is our life. Without this, our life is very difficult. We produce som by repeatedly putting aahutis. Our life is based upon Yajyen. Sampati, wealth will destroy us without Yajyen.

Yogis with divine eyes, those who do Yajyen, one sees the effect of Som all around. All souls get good effect. Som makes everything pure and they see it all around. Fools say wrong things about havan as they have not heard Vedas. Stay away from books and vanni of humans. False saints have taken our life. They have taken all our happiness . Rules of God never change. He just listens in Vedas.

Om should be pronounced before mantra as per Atharvaved. You have to listen to all mantras of Vedas. Like how you powder, etc. A little child, you also beautify Yajyen by seva – body, mind and money. Purify your heart by service. Its your duty to safeguard yourself.

The duty of sevak (one who does service) is to serve, duty of enemy is to fight. Why do you come here? If some sinner comes here then God will punish them. After doing Yajyen, earlier kings beautified the whole earth. Like during fall season leaves fall, similarly there was wealth all around. Its more than 33000 punya and 810 sins are erased, but reality is a lot more.

One should do hard work along with Vedas. Otherwise your sense organs will go towards bad deeds. Yogis could earlier see som all around but now it’s very less.

Those who make Som appear, ritvij (rishi) and yajmaan, with Vedas Yajyen appears and with yajyen, God appears in the heart. Do it and one day you will.

Ritvij and Yajmaan know the benefits of yajyen, they do yajyen and make som appear. Like you churn butter, after you put aahutis for a long time, you make water pure and makes it amrit. It makes everything pure – house, clothes, etc. So called saints are after money and bad deeds. With yajyen how can intellect be made pure?

If you dont do yajyen then you know the situation of the world. Earlier not even a mosquito will bite. Som gets madhurta (sweetness) in everything. Many gurus are diseased as they go against Vedas and not produce Som. Even I was saved.

Som makes your voice sweet. You will become capable of listening hard language of rishis. Both God and rishi hate bad deeds. Yajyen has unlimited benefits. If you are jigyasu (aspirant) then you will listen vedas.. Shabd in aahutis (like the sound of burning), when it meets water, it produces a divine sound, which purifies.

Yajyen chode to mati kharab hoti hai. The description was of the world that there was no house even in Holland, Poland who did havan. Money only spoils, earlier som made even money pure.

God shares the knowledge of Som, and mantras praise about it. God says that you leave me and I will leave you for sorrows. Money only spoils – meat, alcohol, partying, etc.

Som also destroys evil persons.. Protects those who do Yajyen. God and rishi praise Som. It has unlimited benefits.