The word ‘modern’ itself has a secret to forgo the eternal knowledge of Vedas. When eternal is oversighted then only ‘Modern’ comes into existence. Vedas state that eternal knowledge is evergreen being self existent (existence at its own). In this connection Vedas have produced a pious word “Swayambhu” meaning that which has not been made by anybody, without beginning, uncreated, it was in the
past, will ever remain in future and exists in present as well. As per Vedas, four matters come in this category, i.e. Almighty God, souls, Prakriti and Four Vedas. Now what has happened, most of the people have oversighted the eternal path and naturally, the self-created path/culture is in vogue. But be alert. Eternal is everlasting and finishes sorrows to give long, happy life whereas modern which is self-created gives time being enjoyment and the result thereof is always to ruin the human-being. Because there is a law, eternal is that which is everlasting being uncreated modern is destructible being created. Creation is always destroyed and uncreated matter is everlasting. It has been an experience of learned that modern/created fashion pertaining to clothes, face cream, tooth-paste, medicines, science etc., changes frequently but the qualities of the above four matters i.e., God etc., are always unchangeable. Even no change occurs in the creation from Prakriti in the shape of all materialistic articles of the universe like Sun, Moon, air etc. though the said articles are destroyed one day being a creation. So who are modern in this connection, I think a shloka of Manusmriti will better throw a light. Shloka is 2/153 = “Aghobhavati Va Balaha Pita Bhavati Mantra Daha

Meaning:- Ag = ignorant, indulged in illusion being unaware of eternal knowledge like science, education, deeds etc. Bhavati = is, Balaha = child whether having age of 100 years, indulged in illusion being unaware of eternal knowledge like science, education etc.
A newly born baby is always considered ignorant. Mantra daha = He who gives knowledge about science, deeds, creation, God, duties etc., to be happy. Pita = learned, old person whether he is a child of the age of 5 years , 10 years or 20 years. Therefore Vedas consider that he who has the elemental as well as spiritual knowledge, is learned and old. On the contrary and ignorant is considered as a child.

Idea is that the person who has not studied Vedas, shastras and is ignorant about elemental science and spiritual knowledge is like a child. And a learned, as stated above , who has got the wisdom of elemental as well as spiritual knowledge by hard study there of is learned, old person. In the Manusmriti, the word used as “Balaha” = child and “Pita”= learned may not be considered otherwise because the same have been throwing light towards illusion and knowledge.

Modern youth mostly takes interest in physical charms, science, materialistic articles, movies, sports, fashion etc. It is also seen that some boys and girls are entangled in addiction as well. Question arises why? Answer is very simple that due to such society, they have made up their mind that the deeds, which they are doing, gives them enjoyment, time pass, happiness etc. But the youth, have not been provided with real spiritual atmosphere. For example- Vedas are eternal knowledge direct from God. Vedas tell that
everybody wants pleasure, happiness which are of two kinds-
(1) Physical charm etc., as mentioned above. This gives temporary, perishable pleasure. The result of such pleasure involves in sins too if the youth is not learned of spiritualism.

(2) Second pleasure is spiritualism which is everlasting and result of which is pious one. So the difference between the modern culture and the eternal culture of Vedas is to be taught to the youth which is not an easy task nowadays because the nature of the youth will have to be converted from sinful to virtuous one.

It concludes that we may be modern in those materialistic articles which are only useful for routine life like dress code, food, present science etc., but not in the case of eternal knowledge of God, souls, Prakriti and Vedas as stated above. Secondly, a child does not know about the fire, that
it is harmful to touch but learned knows. So is the case with the above four eternal matters.

The modern education mostly teaches us to study to live upon. Therefore if our ministers or intellectuals can consider the eternal and modern matters seriously then they can enforce the eternal Vedic education in the schools, colleges, universities as a compulsory subject like math, science, english etc. Then our modern boys/girls will sure know the value about the four eternal matters which are only capable to kill our sorrows, diseases, problems etc., and to give us long, happy life. Then only the modern youth will be able to know that mere study will do nothing but progress in both sides i.e. materialism as well as spiritualism will serve the purpose to attain salvation. So mere listening of katha , kirtan or the stories of our Purannas etc., have not become capable to turn the youth from atheism youth requires scientific proof which exists in Vedas.