We have learnt about Prataksha and Anumaan Pramaan Vritti.

Now we come to Aagam Pramaan. Actually these Vrittis give proof to know the truth. It is very much clear in our Vedas/Shashtras that whatever truth about auspicious deeds or worship is to be set up, we will have to give proof of anyone Vritti out of the said three Vrittis. If our worship/auspicious deeds comes under these Vrittis, then it is true and whatever we do if it does not tally with the said Vrittis then it becomes untrue. However now a days due to lack of study of Vedas/Shashtras. Mostly we do not consider the said the traditional knowledge of Vedas.

There are two kinds of Aagam Pramaan Vritti—
1. Vedas
2. Aapta Purush (the wiser who learnt Vedas and did Yoga) suppose we are worshiping/discharging our duties then if the method of our worship etc., is mentioned in Vedas then it is called Aagam Pramaan Vritti.

Similarly if our said processes is acepted by an alive wiser who had studied Vedas and got final liberation,then it is too called Aagam Pramaan Vritti. In this connection Vyas Muni also says when the Aapta Purush (wiser) delivers the knowledge to any other person i. e., the knowledge which he himself practised/adopted in his life like study of Vedas and attaining final liberation, then the second person gets the knowledge. Then the faculty which receive the knowledge from the Aapta Rishi is called Aagam Pramaan Vritti. Vyas Muni further says that basically preacher of the Vedas is Almighty God who is always exempted from doing any deed,impression of bad deeds etc., and false knowledge ,but the human beings are always indulged in the said three qualities.

Therefore the knowledge of the four Vedas which emanates from Almighty God is self proof and comes under Aagam Pramaan. It means in the Ved Mantra whatever has been preached requires no proof, Vedas being self proof which comes under Aagam Pramaan. The second Aagam Pramaan is the preach given by the alive Aapta Purush(wiser i. e., spiritual master) Vyas Muni here says that who has studied Vedas, done Tapsya and done Ashtang Yoga practice and thus has realized God, he is a true impartial preacher. In Vedas this kind of Aapta Purush(wiser) is called Mantra Drishta Rishi.

Mantra Drishta Rishi is the Rishi who has seen the Ved Mantras with in him during Samadhi/Salvation. So the preach of such Rishi is called Aagam Pramaan. The knower of God and who saw the Ved Mantras were Maharishi Vyas ,Patanjali,Vishwamitra etc., they knew the true religion and even false one also. They knew the deepest and true meaning of the Mantras ,its knowledge and science properly and that is why they were called Aapta Purush(wiser).

The six Shashtras written by the Rishi based on Vedas are also true and comes under “Pratah Pramaan”. At present also the matters ,knowledge and deeds etc., which comes under Aagam Pramaan are only true. When we follow the preaches based on Aagam Pramaan and becomes Ascetic and follow the true path then it is called Aklishta Aagam Pramaan Vritti(gives no sorrows) and everything against this is Klishta Vritti which gives always sorrows.

So we must learn Yoga philosophy which is based on traditional Aagam Pramaan Vritti. When an aspirant studies Yoga philosophy and practice Ashtang Yoga practically then only he attains Samadhi and realizes Almighty God. Therefore merely study, learning by heart thereof and then speaks before public does not come under Aagam Pramaan Vritti and is thus against the Vedas. So we must not praise lecture specially on spiritualism which are only based onmere study only. I quote a story here :———-

There was a hunter who hitted a parrot. The wounded parrot fell before a Saint who nursed him. The saint used to preach the parrot that —“Oh! Hunter I have understood your tricks and I shall not be caught again in your net. ” After few days when the parrot became alright the Saint freed him. Once the Saint saw a hunter in the jungle with broken heart and perplexed face. On inquiring, the hunter told the saint that he (hunter ) used to come in the jungle for huntingBut today he saw the bunch of parrots reciting that they have known my tricks and they will not be caught in the net again. Then the Saint surprised but he still told the hunter to go to the site of parrots and to spread his net as usual. The hunter obeyed and astonished to see that every parrot was speaking the lesson—— “Oh! Hunter I have understood your tricks and I shall not be caught again in the net” , but all the parrots were flying down and were being caught there. So it concludes that mere studying of spiritual teaching like parrot will not escape us from indulging in sins. The parrot become habitual of reciting the above preach but did not know about the fact that what is net and who is hunter? So preach requires Aagam Pramaan.

Here the Pramaan Vritti ends. And description of Viparyayo Vritti will follow.