On June 06, 2013, two books were released by Mr. Rajiv Jasrotia, State General Secretary (BJP) – J & K, Mr. Kuldeep and Mr. K. Guruprasad under the blessings of Swami Ram Swarupji, Founder President, Ved Mandir.

In his spiritual discourse during auspicious Yajyen on the occasion, Swamiji said that publishing books in regional languages will help in propagating the message of Vedas across the country.

“Nari Dushkarmiyon Ne Vedon Dvara Dand” is the Gujarati translation of “Nari Dushkarmiyon Ne Vedon Dvara Dand”, which has been done by Mr. Bipin Badheka. The book is a landmark initiative by Swami Ram Swarupji to create awareness about the punishments called by Vedas for offenders committing crime against women.

“காயத்ரீ மந்த்ரம்” is a book that is compiled from Hindi and English articles on Gayatri Mantra written by Swami Ram Swarupji in Vedic Pravachan Sangrah Part 1 and on www.vedmandir.com.

The translation has been done by Mr. K. Guruprasad with support of Dr. V. Kalyana Rama.

Since 1978, an annual Yajyen is being organised by Swami Ram Swarupji at Ved Mandir with an anushtan of all four Vedas. This year the Annual Yajyen is currently being organised at Ved Mandir from April 14, 2013 to June 09, 2013.