(In response to a question by Ramesh Babu Badisa)

Swami Ram Swarup:
It is lengthy one. However some points are here. This Upnishad actually reproduces almost all same mantras of 40 chapter of Yajurveda.

9. Those who are only attached with materialism and do not pay attention in spiritualism they are always in illusion and those who are also only attached or do hard job only in spiritualism they are more effected with illusion. So both are experiencing sorrows, problems, etc., etc. Here the correct knowledge of Vedas is:

10. To know the correct meaning of Vidya (spiritual knowledge) and Avidya (knowledge about duties and progress in science for the benefit of human lives. Because our learned (forefather Rishis) have told the meaning of Vidya and Avidya in some other senses. And we have been listening from those DHIRANNAAM (YOGIS who have attained the stage fromYam, to Dhyan and Samadhi). Now a days this is the main problem with the world that we are listening the preach not from a competent Yogi but we are listening the preaches and studying the books of those who do not know about the eternal knowledge in experiences bypractising Yoga philosophy in full and studying Vedas and hence the problem. And most of the people even studying books and even worshipping do not feel peace and long happy life. Hence the problem to promote love and international brotherhood at all level.

11. One should do hard job to get progress equally in spiritualism as well as discharging duties i.e., real duty mentioned in Vedas for family, society and Nation. So for this purpose a real spiritual master is required. So after knowing the real meaning of Avidya (materialistic knowledge /science etc.) that our human body and this world is destroyed one day and is not true and we are soul and we are immortal so we will be away about the worry of death because soul is immortal and body is destroyed only. And secondly when we will be able to know Vidya (realisation of God by Vedas, worship, Yajnas, Ashtang yoga etc.) then we willget salvation. We mean souls. But it is not possible until we get real preach from the mouth of an alive real spiritual master.

12. Those who pay attention only in study of science, materialistic articles to attain the deepest knowledge as to from where sun, moon, our body, air and each materialistic article of the world has been generated i.e., study of prakriti only they fall in illusion and gets sorrows etc. But those who are only after the article made of Prakriti i.e., getting enjoyment/pleasure from sun, moon, gold, body etc., etc., they are falling themselves more and more in illusion than first one.

13. So what is prakriti(ASAMBHUTI) and what is sambhuti i.e., materialistic articles in fact, these have been told by DHIRANNAAM—— same as against 10 above.

14. So he who knows the real meaning of Sambhuti and Asambhuti (VINASHAM) both together—– same as 11 above.