Hinduism is based on Vedas which are eternal, living, religious books/code and are bestowed by God on the human beings for their betterment. It is stated in Vedas, "VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM" and this declaration unites humanity into one string of brotherhood all over the universe. India has come into being through very old traditions and cultural antecedents and these traditions are based on the ideals defined in Vedas and the beliefs which are still alive and are relevant to the mankind.

Indian culture is ancient and Vedic knowledge is most ancient and the greatest, eternal culture that has flourished along the banks of river Sindhu which has provided most congenial atmosphere for the prosperity of Sanskrit language along with its grammar. This great culture has given birth to number of philosophical ideologies. The famous universities of Takshila and Nalanda were the main centers which were visited by the students from abroad for the intensive study of Indian culture and Vedic philosophy containing spiritual and worldly science etc. The admirers of this culture identified themselves as residents of India now known as Indians through out the world. It is immaterial as to which group, caste or religious sect do the residents of India belong but the admirers have always considered themselves as Indian first living all together on the banks of river Sindhu. Greeks were the first to identify the people living along the banks of river Sindhu as Indu. After them, Arabs and Persians called the group of people living across river Sindhu as "Hindi". Just as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, constitute a distinct religious sect. Similarly, the group of people living across Sindhu river were categorized as "Hindu". Hence, all people residing in Hindustan are identified as "Hindus". On the same lines as all residents of America, Britain, Israel, Africa are categorized as Americans, Britishers, Israelis, Africans etc., irrespective of their caste-creed, race or religion. Hence, categorization is purely on residential basis. Therefore it is illogical to say that Hindus are those who are followers of Vedas or those who study Geeta, Ramayana etc.

It may be reiterated that the word Hindi stated above cannot be bound within the parameters of a distinct religion. On the basis of above facts one can only reach to a conclusion that all the members belonging to any caste, creed, religion, sect, group residing in Hindustan are Hindis, or Hindus, since thecategorization is purely on residential basis. Hence in the present scenario it has become all the more important to know the true meaning of term Hindu.Because of the reason that term Hindu gives an identification to all Indians and this identification has nationalistic basis rather than religious basis. Our religious beliefs and tenets may be different but all Indians are the inheritors of Indian culture and tradition. We have to sensitize ourselves to the fact that success lies in obliterating hatred backed by fundamentalism and castism.

The declaration of Vedas, "VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM" explains that whole world is one family of all human beings. It is surprising that all religion, sects, groups etc., claim that there is one God of whole world and preach brotherhood and tolerance towards others. However, whenever society is hit by violence, it is all in the name of religion and then where the preach of one God, brotherhood vanishes at that time? True understanding of religion and its practice is being made a difficult task in present scenario. Ancient world arya may be considered to be applicable for Hindus. In arya/Hindu religion there are four ashrams— brahmacharya, Grisath, Vanprasth and Sanyas and caste system was/is based on present pious or bad deeds according to Ved shastras and not by birth. In this connection Yajurveda mantra 31/11 also refers. People used to stay for 25 years in each ashram, so Arya/Hindus used to stay for 25 years in brahmacharya ashram to study Vedas, science, maths and other philosophies to be learnt by them to be learned boys and girls to co-operate and serve the society and nation. And there was/is no child marriage. The eternal knowledge of four Vedas— Rigveda, Yajurveda, Saamveda and Atharvaveda was/is religious book ( Samhita) and the book to obtain every worldly knowledge like science, maths, duties of each person like mother, father, king, public etc., to establish strong country and to discharge moral duties while following spiritualism too. The teachings of Vedas to Aryas/ Hindus were very well applicable and followed by all human beings up to Mahabhart war i.e., about 5300 years ago as the present sects were not originated at that time. Thereafter due to shock of death of most of the warriors in Mahabhart war people could not study and follow Vedic knowledge, the knowledge given by God direct at the time of creation.

This all is clear from the study of Mahabhart epic and with the result mostly self made paths of worship were made. During Mahabhart Dhritrashtra who forcefully took the kingdom from his brother Pandu, was cunning fellow. Dhritrashtra/Duryodhan used to listen back-biting and wrong views from man named Kanakshastri. So Kanakshastri was accompanied by Duryodhan,Dushshashann, and Shakuni. Due to the result of hatred raised by group of above said Kanakshastri, with Pandavas, Mahabhart war took place and allwarriors met with death. The wiser Rishis like Vyas, Gemini, Vashampyan etc., were busy in their spiritual path and nobody paid attention towards Rishis being busy in war and result of the crucial war wherein all warriors and young men were met with death and only women and children or old women remained. They were shocked and did not make contact with Rishis and hence the eternal worship based on Vedas started to be removed and arrogant/ illiterate persons started making their own path. The universal monarchy came to an end and the kingdom was portioned into number ofsmaller kingdoms with separate kings. So the eternal knowledge of Vedas could not be experienced by the king as well as by the public and hence the blind faith started taking place. And the self made religion turned into business. The original knowledge of Vedas will have to be adopted again by the Hindus. Because all religious books like Valmiki Ramayan, BhagwatGeeta and shastras etc., which are being studied nowadays, have been written by ancient Rishis whose knowledge was based on Vedas and therefore it is not out of place to mention here that a philosopher of Vedas can only state the fact of said religious books and how a so called saint, who does not know Vedas, can truly explain the maters therein. Can a CharteredAccountant explain the philosophy of medical science, subject being different? The facts can only be known if we are able to study Vedas. So all Aryas/ Hindus will have to again follow the path of Vedas, to serve the society selflessly to dig out the corruption, injustice, insult of females, illusion, illiteracy etc., and thus to make India strong and to spread brotherhood all over the universe like the ancient time.