Flood is a common natural catastrophe. Be it flood of water or flood of variety of fatal diseases like AIDS, mental tensions, drug addiction, terrorism, corruption, disgrace and all sorts of humiliations inflicted on women, corruption infested politics etc. Just as trees get laiden with new flowers every spring similarly flood of new social organizations and new politics leaders with newly floated political parties can be seen every season. Country is flooded by smuggling, crimes committed through sophisticated techniques, pollution, commercialization of cultivable land by building hotels, plazas, commercial buildings on it, foreign outfits, foreign language and foreign culture, religious faiths, casteism, poverty, pop music, vulgar movies and serials on T.V.

In addition to variety of these floods, one cannot help witnessing emergence of the grave flood of religious gurus who are posing serious threat to the country nowadays. For the last 70 years, there have been several derelictions/delineations from Gurugaddis or the self made empires of most of the Gurus and their figures, branches and sub-branches are quite alarming.

Flood of any nature is fatal and leaves behind a heart rendering tale of devastation and destruction.

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